Realm has launched four more new products in India today in its ‘Techlife’ segment. The company has introduced Realme Buds2 Neo, Realme Beard Trimmer, Trimmer Plus and Realme Hair Dryer in India. The company also said that in 2021 it will launch more than 100 new products. The Realm brings 11.2mm dynamic driver, 90 ° angled jack, in-line control with Buds 2 Neo HD microphone. The company also announced the first DJO branded products: DIGO Gopods TWS and DIGO Wireless Neckband. Let’s take a closer look at the new Realm products in India, their features and prices.

Realm bud 2 neo, beard trimmer and hair dryer prices in India

In India, Realmy Buds 2 Neo is priced at Rs 499. Realmy Beard Trimmer and Beard Trimmer Plus are priced at Rs 1,299 and Rs 1,999 respectively. The Realm Hair Dryer comes with a price tag of Rs 1,999. The products will be available for the first time through Flipkart and Realm India websites on July 5 at 12 noon. Realm Buds 2 Neo can also be purchased from Amazon.


Realmy Bud 2 Neo Specifications and Features

Realmy Bud 2 Neo

Realmy Bud 2 Neo Realmy Bud’s successor 2 It weighs just 14 grams and has a 11.2mm dynamic driver. The buds are claimed to give a rich and immersive audio experience. The headset is said to provide a great bus performance. The headset has a gear-shaped cable design that protects the wires from tangles. It has a 90-degree angle jack for enhanced grip for playing games or watching movies in landscape mode.

It has a high-precision microphone for better and clearer voice calls in Realm. Realm Buds 2 Neo has a button that lets you control your music playback or call a voice assistant. Realm Buds 2 Neo will be available in two colors: black and blue.

Realmy Beard Trimmer and Trimmer Plus Specifications and Features

Realm beard trimmer

The Realm beard trimmer features 10mm combing with 0.5mm precision. It has a self-sharpening stainless-steel blade that prevents friction of the skin for smooth trimming. It comes with 20 length settings that allow users to shave in a variety of styles. The Realm Beard Trimmer has an 800mAh battery that can last up to 120 hours on a single charge. It can be charged via USB Type-C port. The beard trimmer has an LED battery indicator that shows the battery level. It works with a noise level of 68db. It comes with a travel lock that prevents users from accidentally turning it on while traveling.

Realmy Beard Trimmer Plus is an upgraded version of Beard Trimmer. It has a 10mm and 20mm comb with 0.5mm precision and a skin-friendly ABS material body for comfortable grip. Additionally, the Trimmer Plus offers IPX7 water resistance. In addition to these, you get features like a pair of self-contained stainless-steel blades, a 68 dB low noise, a travel lock and an 800 mAh battery with a USB Type-C port.

Realmy Hair Dryer Specifications and Features

Realm Hair Dryer

Realmy hair dryer fans work with 19,000 rpm, 13.9 m / s wind speed and 1,400W power. Realm says it can dry your hair in just 5 minutes. It can operate at temperatures below 55 degrees Celsius. It produces 20 million / cm3 negative ions that not only help hair dry faster but also improve hair health by moisturizing hair and scalp by stopping fungus.

Realmy Hair Dryer provides 2 wind speeds, 1 heat setting and 1 cool air setting for drying hair efficiently. It is a durable product made with V-0 flame resistant and high-grade ABS and PC materials. It has an inlet mesh, nylon mesh and an air inlet griller that prevents hair from sucking inside the hair dryer.

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