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PARIS: Vinicius Jr. scored the lone goal of the game as Real Madrid beat Liverpool 1-0 in the Champions League final in Paris on Saturday to become the king of Europe for the record-breaking 14th time after a night of trouble off the field. The kick-off is being delayed by more than half an hour.
Brazilian winger Vinicius turned Fed Valverde’s alluring low cross into Stade de France in the 59th minute and Liverpool could not equalize as Jurgen Klopp’s side lost to the Spanish giants in the Champions League final for the second time in five seasons.
As it happened: Liverpool vs Real Madrid
The Anfield team would be surprised if outstanding Thibaut Courtois would not have pushed Sadio quality shots inside the top post in the first half, as they fell short of the trophy treble.
Winners of the English League Cup and FA Cup this season, they have just missed out on Manchester City for the Premier League title and have missed out on a win here that could have equaled AC Milan in their seven European Cups.

Instead Real won their fifth Champions League in nine seasons with their Spanish title, as Carlo Ancelotti became the first coach to win the European Club Football Award for the fourth time.
Ancelotti was in charge of Real Madrid when they won the 2014 final in 2007 after winning the 2014 final against Liverpool in 2003 and 2007.
The match started 35 minutes after the scheduled time of 9:00 pm (1900 GMT) in the French capital when the fans could not get up their seats due to chaos at the entrance of the stadium.
UEFA said it was “sympathetic” to the victims and that “thousands of fans who bought fake tickets that did not work in Turnstile” had gathered at the gate.

Police also fired tear gas as a small number of people were seen trying to scale the fence around the perimeter of the ground.
The final only moved to the French capital after St. Petersburg was knocked out of the game following Russia’s aggression in Ukraine in February.
Delayed kick-offs could be to blame for the slow pace of the game, as it took 16 minutes for an incident to happen, with Mohamed Salah lo Trent turning the Alexander-Arnold cross into the goal just to save Cortoya.
Liverpool were seen as favorites to avenge the loss to the Spanish giants in the 2018 final in Kiev and they began to take control of the game.


In the 21st minute I mean painfully came close to scoring as he avoided his path to a shooting position inside the box only to have Cortoya tip his net-bound shot into his right-hand post.
The club’s team, starting with Fabinho and Thiago Alcantara in midfield over fitness concerns, were at the top but could not turn their superiority into leadership.
Real, meanwhile, could make almost nothing in the first half as Karim Benzema remained calm, but their captain briefly thought he had a breakthrough two minutes before the break.
The offside flag was raised as the French player returned home after the ball had returned to him inside the area.
Fabinho removed Valverde’s touch through Benzema, but after a long VAR check, the decision not to score was upheld.
Yet Ancelotti’s side kept their nerves and were rewarded with goals as the hour approached.
Valvarde sidelined his Brazilian team-mate Allison and went right before hitting a low ball in the face of the goal for Vinicius.
Just like in 2018, Real drew the first blood, but this time there was no need to send Gareth Bale to ensure their victory.
Courtois was great, flying right to keep a Salah Curler out before making two quick saves late.
At first the Belgian went down when substitute Diego Jota turned Salah’s effort back into the goal, and then he made a strong hand to turn Salah back.
Then the night of Real Madrid.


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