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Chandigarh / Dehradun: A day after Amarinder Singh announced his resignation from the Congress, the former chief minister was attacked on Friday by AICC’s Punjab Manisha Harish Rawat, who alleged that the captain had propagated the theory of “insult” to get sympathy from the Congress leadership.
Regarding Amarinder’s meeting with Home Minister Amit Shah, Rawat said it raised questionable questions about his secularism. “Amarinder’s ideology is not like that of the BJP leaders and I believe they are using him as a mask,” Rawat said.
Amarinder countered Rawat’s “hateful claims and allegations”, which he said was clearly inspired by the “tragic” situation, after winning for four-and-a-half years, the party has now found itself in Punjab. “Three weeks before stepping down as chief minister, I offered my resignation to Sonia Gandhi but she told me to continue,” he said. It was a matter of public record. He said, “The world has seen insults and insults on me, and yet Rawat is claiming the opposite,” he said, “If it was not insults, what was it?”
Addressing reporters in Dehradun, Rawat said it was clear that Amarinder’s recent remarks “were made under some sort of pressure and should be reconsidered and should not help the BJP directly or indirectly”. Later, Rawat said in a press statement, “There was a general perception that Amarinder and Badal were helping each other in a secret understanding. I was always politely advising him to step on our electoral promises. At least five times I have discussed these issues with Captain Saber but to no avail.
Rawat said that during Amarinder’s rule, the Bargari strike was hotly debated in cabinet meetings and later, many prominent ministers came to Delhi and complained that the Congress could not win the Punjab elections with him as chief minister.
As a solution, he said, the Congress High Command has constituted a three-member panel, which has listened to more than one and a half hundred prominent leaders from Punjab. “At this meeting, the majority of the Congress MLAs clearly expressed their dissatisfaction with the working of the Amarinder administration,” Rawat said.
After lengthy discussions, Amarinder agreed to implement the 1-point plan, which the panel proposed to the Congress president. However, Rawat alleged that Amarinder did not implement any of these 1 points.
“Born out of his stubbornness, he believed that he did not need any advice from anyone, including his own legislators, ministers and party leadership. However, again I went to his house and had a long discussion with his officials. We have come down to five points which he promised to implement within the next 10 days. After that, 20 days passed, and we heard nothing from him. Congress MLAs and ministers were becoming restless, ”Rawat said.
He said 43 MLAs had signed a letter against Amarinder demanding a CLP meeting. Rawat said Sonia Gandhi had also spoken to Amarinder about the allegation signed by the MLA.
Ridiculing Rawat’s remarks that he felt he was under pressure, Amarinder said the only pressure he had for the past few months was his own allegiance to the Congress, which caused him to endure humiliation after humiliation. “If the party does not want to insult me, then why was Navjot Singh Sidhu allowed to openly criticize and attack me for months on social media and other public platforms? Why did the party give a free hand to the rebels led by Sidhu to undermine my power? Why have I not been given any awareness about the uninterrupted election victory handed over to the party for four and a half years, ”he asked.


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