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JAIPUR: State Administrative Service (RS) candidates have been sharing success stories since July 13 and social media is buzzing that they have passed India’s toughest test. Whether they had no money or visually challenged, no strong background or resources, they were able to conduct the test and their stories are now inspiring other young people as well.

Seeing their success stories go viral on social media, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot tweeted on Saturday: “Is it the result of the hard work of all RAS candidates that they have passed a tough test? State and country. I congratulate and wish all these candidates success.” The story is reaching out to everyone through media and social media and inspiring other students.



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“I especially congratulate the successful candidates, including the sanitary workers, the physically challenged and the economically disadvantaged students, who cracked the RAS despite facing all the difficult situations.” Surprisingly, most of these stories come from small towns. In one case, three sisters of a farmer’s family in a small village in Hanumangarh district have passed an elite test in the history of scripting. These three sisters, Ritu, Sumon and Anshu Saharan have been selected in RAS-2017. Two more sisters, Monju and Roma, are already working in various government organizations. Monju was elected to the co-operative category in 2012, while Roma joined RASK in 2011.


The most inspiring thing is that the five sisters only went to school up to 5th grade and then they went on to private, higher education up to Ph.D.

Another inspiring story is that of Devendra Chauhan, a visually impaired young man who lost his eyesight in an accident in 2011. His family was poor and he was advised to throw him in Govardhan to beg for his livelihood.

But he had big dreams and started raising funds by working. He collected the sand and left it on the tractor and saved some money for further studies. After getting a school number for the blind from the radio, he came to Jaipur and learned Braille. When he started preparing for RAS, many people made disguised comments but it did not digitize him and he finally qualified for RAS-2018.


“My ultimate goal is to serve the country as an IAS officer,” he said.

Another 29-year-old visionary, Kuldeep Jainam, also failed the test, but had to fight a legal battle. On August 5, 2018, the RAS pre = exam was held so he wanted to write something helpful. However RPSC denied his plea and because of that he could not read his questions and failed the pre-examination.

He filed an application in the court which dismissed the single bench. After that, he went to a double bench where Kuldeep was allowed to take part in the main test. He was told that if he caught the cracks of the mains, he would pass the ghost as well. Finally, he was declared successful in Tuesday’s results.


After working as a sanitary worker in Jodhpur Municipal Corporation, Asha Kandara is another inspiration for him to become a Deputy Collector. After being separated from her husband, she graduated in 2016 and then began preparing for RAS.

Twelve days after his RAS-2017 exams, he was permanently hired as a sanitary worker and worked for two years to clean the streets of Jodhpur, as he had to bear the cost of his two children. One year after graduation, she got divorced and then she immersed herself in studies to win after the RS results were released.


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