PT vs SJ: Portland Timbers beat San Jose Earthquakes as emergency GK Logan Ketterer saves PK

There are many reasons to believe that the Portland Timbers are destined to have a difficult Saturday night in San Jose. The MLS road trip was very difficult, nine timbers were injured, and the recent team’s condition was also very poor.

PT vs SJ
PT vs SJ

And with two assistants of Eric Williamson (Eric Williamson) defeated the earthquake at Avaya Stadium (Avaya Stadium) 2-0, ending a three-game losing streak. However, it turns out that the unexpected hero of the game did not even appear on the Timbers list.

PT vs SJ

A few days ago: Emergency buy goalkeeper Logan Ketterer failed to balance with San Jose’s Chris Wondolowski.In the 61st minute, when Carlos Fierro shot at defender Claudio Bravo, a penalty was awarded. MLS forward Wondolowski shot into the lower right corner, but Ketterer fell and threw the ball aside.

In the 80th minute, Ketterer Wondolowski refused again and ended with a close shot after a corner kick. In the first five minutes, lumber topped the list. Williamson drove across the field and past the defender before throwing the ball off the field. From him walk to Yimmi Chara in the area.

Chara sat down and passed the ball to goalkeeper Marcinkovski. Williamson got his second pass in the 74th minute. From outside the court, he threw the perfectly weighted ball into the far post and Marvin Loria’s head, who coldly aimed the ball at the goal.

Although Thor’s Hammer controlled the ball throughout Saturday’s game and took more shots, the Foresters were on the more dangerous side. Felipe Mora got a huge chance in the 55th minute, but Marcinkowski of San Jose stopped it. Andy Polo sent out a small canopy before Mora crashed into the box, and Mora tried to leave the gate.

But Marcinkowski managed to surpass him and rejected him to a large extent. Pablo Bonilla and Mora nearly teamed up to score in the 60th minute, but Bonilla surpassed him. In response, Mora jumped on Bonilla in front of the gate.

Before Saturday’s game, the focus was on how coach Giovanni Savarese (Giovanni Savarese) will deal with the team’s nine injuries, three of which occurred in the last game of Timbers, last weekend in Seattle.

When Jeremy Ebobiss and Mora played forwards together, the injury forced Savarese to change his team composition from the usual 4-2-3-1 For 4-3-3. However, more importantly, Ketler won the championship after joining the club under the rules of extreme resilience two days before Saturday’s game.

With three goalkeepers injured and only 19-year-old Hunter Suite stayed, the Foresters were allowed to adopt the rule. Sirte was established by the academy under a contract signed with players who grew up in the country. He did not expect to play for Tims this year, but due to injuries, he played twice and lost twice.

Houston Dynamo reserve team Jeff Attinella retired from Sanders last weekend after being injured at the end of the season. According to reports, third-placed Aljaz Ivacic underwent hernia surgery shortly before the game. Kettler scored his first MLS save in the 32nd minute on Saturday. PT vs SJ.

an Jose’s Christian Espinosa (free kick) won a free-kick and Keitel put his hands on the bar. El Paso is taking a day off this weekend, but Timbers is still going on. I need Kettler to move on-locomotive trainer Mark Lowry said, “We will go from there” and “We will do this week after week.

Laurie said that he thinks this is a short-term loan, and if the loan is longer, he will not accept it. Ketterer played for the Columbus Crew twice in 2018, after which his contract option was rejected and he signed with El Paso Locomotive FC.

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The 27-year-old Ketterer played 19 games for El Paso and was among the best on the Timbers list of disabled people, including Diego Cha, who was injured last week but couldn’t cross the line La (Diego Chara) and Sebastian Blanco (Sebastian Blanco). Not here. Last year, the wood recovered from the fracture of the cruciate ligament but suffered another injury before the highly anticipated comeback last month.

The lumberjack re-arranged her injuries to a busy schedule and went through five games in 16 days. , Attinella, CristthianParedes, Larrys Mabiala, and Diego Chara, but your schedule will become much easier at least for a while.

Between the next two games, you will have one week, followed by an international window break on June 19, which includes the CONCACAF National League final with the San Jose national team. The stadium can hold up to 28% of the stadium’s capacity and can hold up to 5,000 fans. PT vs SJ.

Timber approved the 15° capacity of Providence Park, which is the maximum capacity allowed before the USL Western Conference finals, the high-risk COVID threat flag was raised in Multnomah County.

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