For the past 18 months we have spent a lot of time at home for the epidemic. During this time, many people turn to gardening for hobbies and comfort. As a result, kitchen gardens have soon become a trend and we are not complaining. And it seems that actress Preity Zinta is no stranger to the pleasures and charms of any home garden. In a recent post, the Bollywood actress shared with us a video of her picking small juicy strawberries from her garden. Preity Zinta told us that during the lockout, her mother helped her plant herbs, fruit bushes and vegetables in her backyard.

In the same post, Preity Zinta wrote, “Now I have strawberries, oranges, peaches, guavas, tomatoes, green and red peppers, green and red peppers, eggplant, mint, basil and lemon around my house. I am proud of our small organic home garden. Take a look at what he posted:

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We are also proud of your garden Preity Zinta. But now we are hungry after the actress picked fresh strawberries. Well, if you are on the same boat, we request you to try a recipe like this to fulfill your desire.

1) Strawberry Shortbread Heart Cookies

No matter how old you are, these delicious, battery cookies will win you over. You can add some pink chocolate and cranberries to the pie to enhance the recipe. You can have this couple depending on your choice.

2) Strawberry souffl

Suffolk can be a terrific meal for many of us, including the fancy ingredients and techniques that go into making it. The strawberry puree adds a delicious flavor and texture to the dish.

3) Strawberry Tiramisu

Now, you can taste Italy with this yummy dish. Fresh strawberries, mascarpone and double cream are some of the ingredients that go into this non-baked dessert recipe.

4) Strawberry Rasgulla Dome

If you think that strawberries cannot be used in Indian recipes, this dish will surprise you. This recipe is a fusion dish that combines rasgulla and strawberries. Cover the dome with strawberry puree and white chocolate to give it an irresistible look.

5) Strawberry infused ice cream

This icy velvet of milk, cream, sugar and cardamom has got a new twist with strawberry puree. Put these with whipped cream in chabolet cups and show off your coating skills.

Let us know how you like to include strawberries in your recipes.


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