The company’s goal is to give children the experience of making robots


California-based Adtech start-up Piper Learning Inc., Founded by Indo-American Mr. Bose, করছে plans to expand to India in 2022 In partnership with Brand Capital and the Times Group of India, Piper plans to launch Made-in-India products through Amazon and Flipkart in early 2022.

Founded in 2014 by Bose, who was then a student at Harvard University, Piper manufactures electrical engineering and computer science kits for children over the age of eight. Bose, a grand prize winner at the inaugural Google Global Science in 2011, was inspired by his conversations with students around the world as he struggled to keep pace with technology. Piper’s flagship product, Piper Computer Kit, blends physical building with electronics and gameplay in the virtual world using the Raspberry Pi version of Minecraft.


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In March 2021, award-winning STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) company Piper Make launched their online coding platform, which allows students to transform their personal computers into a powerful prototyping station. Piper uses simple hardware and electronics combined with free, drag-and-drop coding lessons in kits designed for everyone from amateurs to advanced users. With the introduction of the Raspberry Pi Pico, a bite-sized microcontroller that powers texts, translates Google blockchain code into Circuit Python, and more, Piper Make is designed to enable anyone to learn the basics of hardware and coding.

“We want Piper’s magic to be built physically with the help of technology while experiencing virtual, storytelling-based lessons. It can be accessible to everyone,” he said. “With the COVID-19 epidemic, since students have been in lockdown for months, education has largely gone online. So we wanted to create an experience that would allow students to use their computers differently from their online classes, which is what Piper Make allows anyone to do. “

Piper has launched its new Piper Make Robotics Expedition Kit, An add-on to their Piper Make platform, during the holiday season. With servo motors and custom laser-cut pieces of wood that can be combined using an engineering blueprint, the kit enables users to start story-based online lessons. This new robotics expedition kit gives kids the experience of creating the robot they see in the world around us.

As a company primarily focused in the United States, Piper has quickly grown into a global brand with over 50,000 home products on each continent.


Talking about his journey, Bose, a resident of Kolkata, said that his grandfather’s diagnosis and struggle with cancer had initiated his exploration. “I am excited to bring the opportunity of my good fortune to the next generation of Indian inventors. I am confident that with a strong foundation in technology, confidence to build with hardware and an innovative spirit to get started with Piper, India will be a source of solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges. I’m excited to be a part of Piper. “

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