Pets, Press And Christmas: How Joe Biden Changed The White House



Bidens greets their German Shepherd puppy, Commander, just in time for Christmas.



In his first year, President Joe Biden transformed the White House into an unfamiliar Trump-era policy – at least about pet policy.

Here are a few reasons why the vibe has become a bit different in America’s most famous home since Joe and First Lady Jill Biden received the keys from Donald and Melania Trump.



Trump was the first modern US president to have no pets. A recognized germphob, however, he preferred to use “dogs” as an insult to everyone from terrorist suspects to former employees and political opponents.

Bidenas are truthful dog lovers.

In June, their favorite champ, an elderly German Shepherd, died. Then the Major, a bouncy shelter dog, repeatedly bites security guards and others in the troubled complex.

After retraining efforts, the Major had to move to a less stressful home.


But just in time for Christmas – and a photogenic walk with the first couple on Delaware beach – came the commander, a German Shepherd puppy. Yes, she is cute.

For a biden cat, the White House has yet to make an initial promise.

Family party

Trump is running his family. Biden is running around their south lawn.


Daughter Ivanka Trump did a job as a senior adviser to her father where she was seen attending Oval Office meetings and attending international summits. Her husband, businessman Jared Kushner, has handled everything from Middle East peace talks to epidemic response at various times.

Sons Don and Eric Trump often did warm-up acts at his many gatherings for their father. Trump and Melania’s teenage son, Baron, are rarely seen lonely around the White House.

Bidens are more likely to meet noisy grandchildren. The president sometimes even takes the kids or their friends on a private tour of a Marine One helicopter or Air Force One.

Biden’s second son, Hunter, 51, has basically gone off the radar.


A former alcoholic and drug addict, he was the target of horrific allegations of corruption. Hunter Biden now draws and published an autobiography last year, “Beautiful Things”, with an account of his painful life.

A more ordinary Christmas

Melania Trump raised eyebrows with her one-year-old Christmas decorations that revealed an icy white tone, which made glamorous remarks about the former model being the “Queen of Ice”.

Another December, the decorations featured an astonishing amount of red with rows of completely red Christmas trees, mocking that they resembled the famous torrent of blood scenes from the horror film “The Shining”.


Bidens had his first Christmas on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, normal.

The trees were their traditional green, the decor was comfortable and non-controversial. Even family photos of the former first family had a picture of Trump hanging from a themed tree – quite a seasonal peace offer for someone whom Biden did not pretend to like.

When it comes to religion in general, the division between two people cannot be more.

Trump, despite being allied with powerful evangelical Christian political leaders, rarely went to church when Biden joined the weekly Catholic count, either in Washington, his home in Delaware, or further away.


Press / Press

Trump claims to hate journalists, regularly insults personal reporters and the entire media organization, which he calls “the enemy of the people.”

On the contrary, Trump liked to talk to reporters, and he spoke at length with them, whether he was shouting at a press conference, a small gathering, or the sound of a Marine One helicopter waiting for him.

Already one of his press secretaries, having spent a year without a briefing, has basically turned Trump into his own mouthpiece.


Biden reversed the pattern. Her press secretary, Jane Saki, gave a long, detailed daily briefing on dozens of questions.

The president himself is relatively rare, and they are usually limited to a handful when he asks questions.

Biden has held nine press conferences in his first year, compared to 22 in Trump’s first 12 months, according to the American Presidency project at the University of California-Santa Barbara.

Trump also conducted 92 sit-down interviews at the time, compared to about 22 in Biden – something that is regularly complained about by White House reporters.


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