Microsoft has finally removed the packaging from its next generation operating system, Windows 11. The latest version of Windows 11 brings interesting new features with redesigned design, focus on gaming, Android compatibility and much more. The brand has also released a PC Health Check application that allows users to check if their Windows 10-powered laptop or PC is compatible with the upcoming Windows 11. However, the application has shown that multiple Windows 10-powered PCs or laptops are compatible with Windows 10. That said, Microsoft will temporarily remove the app and bring it closer to the official rollout of Windows 11, so how do you test your PC? Or a laptop compatible with Windows 11? Well, we have two useful tools – Why Notwine 11 and Win 11 Sischeck that you can easily check if your laptop or PC is compatible with Windows 11. Let’s see!

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What is the Microsoft PC Health Check app and why was it dropped?

Microsoft launched the PC Health Check app. The primary function of the application is to provide diagnostics about your laptop or PC. The application lets you know if your machine is compatible with Windows 11. However, it seems that some users have had a hard time getting a firm answer as to why their PCs are not compatible. That being said, the company has decided that it is pulling the health check app. The company said it was not fully prepared to share details or level of relevance as to why Windows 10 PC did not meet the upgrade requirements. That’s why the company temporarily removed the app to respond.

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How to check Windows 11 compatibility of your laptop or PC using Windows 11

Although Microsoft’s PC Health Check application has been dropped by the company, that doesn’t mean you can’t test your PC compatibility for Windows. The software provides a graphical presentation of whether your Windows 10-powered PC or laptop is compatible with the upcoming Windows 11 update. Why the software is known as Notwine11. Here’s how to use it to verify compatibility:

  1. Open it Link And why not download the Netwine 11 software from the website.
  2. Open the application. It will ask the administrator to run the permission. Allow all.
  3. Once done, the software checks your PC to let you know if it is compatible with Windows 11 Update.

How to check Windows 11 compatibility of your laptop or PC using Windows 11 Check

The second option here is Win 11 Sischech C This is basically a command prompt that helps you verify that your PC is compatible with Windows 11. You can follow these instructions to run this program and check the compatibility:

  1. You can download the software From this link.
  2. The program does not require any installation and once it is downloaded, anyone can run it.
  3. Allow if requested. Once done, the program will run and let you know if your PC or laptop is compatible with Windows 11.

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