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MUMBAI: Sustainable cueist Pankaj Advani impressed with his dominance with an all-time winning record and topped the tournament to top the GSC World Snooker qualifiers.
The 36-year-old Pankaj, who has won the World and Asian Snooker crowns more than once, maintained his great form and managed to win 12 matches (6 in Y-Camp and 6 in Z-Camp).
Pankaj collected 10,760 points (3,560 National Points, 3,600 points from Y and Z Camp) to take a polar position, a press release issued here on Monday said.
National champion Aditya Mehta, who finished with wins and two defeats, is in second place with 10,156 points (4000 Nationals, 2916 Y-Camps and 3240 Z-Camps) and Laxman Rawat is in third place with 9,396 points. PSPB).
Both Pankaj and Aditya have qualified to represent India in the upcoming World Snooker Championships, which may be held in Doha in November or December.
Pankaj established his dominance over India’s No. 1 Aditya by recording a 1-1 win over Lankai Mumbai-based Quest in the last round Z-Camp match.
Pankaj, who won 4-1 in the previous outing, played steadily. He was able to set the terms before the end of the 800 ()) -08, -2-70, -0-000, -15-15 and -4-9 matches.
Pankaj had earlier canceled Laxman Rawat’s challenge by pulling in six frames in an interesting contest.
He started with a bang, rolled a clear 139-point break in the first frame and qualified for 139-00, 22-61, 84-46, 93-07, 28-74 60-31 wins.
Earlier, Aditya snatched the crucial fifth win by defeating Laxman by a 4-tight margin.


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