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Bennett UniversityThe Times School of Media has broken new ground again. Realizing the change in the way listeners are receiving entertainment content, the university has launched two path-breaking programs-a BA in (film, TV and web series) program for undergraduate students and a postgraduate diploma in film, TV and web series for graduates.

The programs are the first of their kind in India and have been launched to meet the needs of the entertainment industry which urgently needs trained manpower to create television and OTT content.

According to 2021 FICCI and EY Media and Entertainment reports, 28 million Indians bought online subscriptions in 2020, resulting in a 49% increase in digital revenue. In the last few years, more than 40 video-on-demand channels have set up shop in India, with Disney + Hotstar in charge.

International platforms like Netflix and Amazon are investing heavily in Indian content, especially regional language products. Telecom companies like Geo and Airtel are offering free subscriptions to streaming channels as an incentive for broadband subscribers to understand the changing tastes of viewers.



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There is also an explosion in regional languages. Viewers often choose subtitles in their language if they choose to dub the content in their preferred language or hold the keyword. According to a YouTube estimate, of the video content used in India in 2020, %% was in English, 5% in Hindi and %% in regional languages.

By 2025, this percentage is predicted to lean towards regional content, with more than 50% of content coming from regional manufacturing companies; Hindi dropped 11 percent percentage points to 45% and English to 5%. This means that content production in regional languages ​​will increase significantly.

The genre is also expanding. Market players continue to redefine genres to add more topics to their reporters to keep viewers interested. In a content-hungry world, where will these entertainment production houses find the talent to create new content?


Existing film and television schools are still going to change gears. There is a tidal gap between what the industry wants and what film and TV courses teach, and this gap is only widening.

A common complaint from industry employers is that mass communication students are not ready for the industry. This is an important issue, and all existing and new program makers must keep this in mind. Students in film, television and OTT courses should be equipped to create quality content from storyboarding to post-production, where no additional training is required for the job.

Efforts should be made to create a curriculum that is governed by industry. That’s where it is Bennett UniversityIts two programs – a three-year Bachelor of Arts (film, television and web series), and a one-year postgraduate diploma in film, television and web series – come as a breath of fresh air.

Both shows have been directed by Jungle Pictures, a Mumbai-based film production company that has given big hits like Razi, Bereli Ki Barfi and Badhai Ho. The programs promise to teach filmmakers, directors, actors, film marketers and OTT professionals the craft of making films and serials.


Students who pass such courses will be eligible for various jobs. These include Script Writer, Video Editor, Cinematographer, Audio Editor, Assistant Producer, Casting Assistant, Line Producer, Production Assistant, Location Assistant, Floor Runner, Assistant Director, Prop Master, Art Dept., Art Dept. Trainee, Post-Production Trainee, Archivist, Editorial Trainee, Marketing Assistant etc.

This program is for all these young people to dream of entering the world of film, television and web series.

(Vidya Deshpande Associate Professor, Times School of Media, Bennett University.)


Disclaimer: Content produced by Bennett University

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