Order Phone, Get Soap: How These Fake Call Centres In Delhi Conned Many




Police said the racket targeted people in different states.

New Delhi:

Police have arrested 53 people, including 46 women, in a rocket-propelled grenade attack in Delhi’s Rohini area today in a bid to defraud people by providing them with two cellphones for Rs 4,500 and soap or wallets instead.


According to Deputy Commissioner of Police Pranab Tayal, the accused operated two illegal call centers from where they used to call people as postal department officials. An employee of the postal department was the head of a call center, police said.

Police said the racket targeted people in different states.

According to police, the callers told people that there was a limited time offer under which they would get two cellphones worth Rs 18,000 for Rs 4,500. To make the offer look authentic, Racket will use India Post for logistics and offer cash-on-delivery options.


Those who agreed will be handed a cardboard box where they will be given cheap soap, wallets or belts and cash collected from them, police explained in a modus operandi.

According to police, they raided two offices in Rohini simultaneously from where the racket was operating and arrested a total of 53 people.

Police seized six computers, 1 bar code scanner, 2 bar code bundles, 5 modems and 86 cell phones, in addition to customer details and parcel box registers for delivery.



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