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SONIPAT: o In honor of the memory of renowned Indian lawyer and former Attorney General Soli J Sorabjee, OP Jindal Global University has established the Soli J Sorabji Endowment Award and Scholarship. The award and scholarship will be given to a deserving student in the field of human rights law and theory offered as part of the graduation program at Jindal Global Law School.


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The award will be announced in March every year to coincide with Sorabjee’s birth anniversary. The award will carry a scholarship with a medal.


Soli Sorabjee was a champion of freedom of speech and expression, and defended the right to freedom of speech and expression in many important cases in the Supreme Court of India, including the Keshbananda Bharati and SR Bombay cases. To Sorabjee, human rights are the conscience of the constitution, and an independent judiciary, the guardian of its conscience.

Therefore, scholarships and awards remind Soli Sorabjee of her contribution to the achievement and support of human rights, and in all its forms and areas of Sorabjee’s close interest.

The Soli J Sorabjee Endowment Award and Scholarship has been established by Senior Advocate Satvik Burma due to a generous endowment established in his personal capacity and will be awarded for 20 years.

While sharing Burma, “Sorabjee’s death was a huge personal loss. Over the years, I developed a very close personal relationship with him, as a lawyer and provided a person with insight into his personal side. He was generous, affectionate, He is caring, sympathetic and always ready to lend a helping hand. His values ​​and passion have deeply inspired and influenced me. The commitment to human rights was to establish an enhanced scholarship and reward in his memory. ”


Announcing the award, Vice-Chancellor Prof (Dr) C Raj Kumar, Founder of Op Jindal Global University, said, “The purpose of the scholarship is to promote academic excellence, research, integrity and diversity in recognition of a student’s outstanding academic achievement. We are grateful to Satvik Verma for partnering with Global University.

Satvik Verma, who himself is a distinguished graduate of Harvard Law School and qualified to practice internationally, acknowledges the importance of quality legal education for JGLS students. As someone embedded in the legal system, Verma feels it is his duty to help future generations of lawyers and as a result these scholarships and awards bridge Verma’s commitment to nurturing law students and advancing the names and legacies of one of India’s top lawyers. We thank him for this generous work. ”

Professor Kumar observed, “Sarabji, his daughter Zia Modi and his wife Jena Sorabjee have been great champions of Jindal Global Law School and OP Jindal Global University from the very beginning. They have participated in many university initiatives over the years. I feel honored, which will reflect the legacy and the outstanding and inspiring contribution of Sorabjee. ”

In response to the establishment of the Soli J. Sorabjee Endowment Award and Scholarship, the family of the renowned lawyer welcomed the initiative, saying it was a great way to remember and celebrate him and perpetuate his memory.


The family has shared the message they want to send to the students at JGLS: walk the path of justice and fairness in all things; A quote from the Kitab-i-Aqdas, the central text of the Bahাই’ বিশ্বাস Faith, which profoundly refers to the Bahাই’ view of justice.

Responding to the award, JGU Registrar Professor Dabiru Sridhar Patnaik said, “As a research intensive university and as a result of graduate qualifications at OP Jindal Global University, we hope our students will develop social and skills acquisition. And thus fosters a deeper understanding and respect for diversity and pluralism. The Solly Sorabjee Award will enable an outstanding student to contribute to the promotion and protection of human rights in line with Soli Sorabjee’s ideals and commitments. ”

Soli J Sorabjee was born in 1930 in Bombay. He studied at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and Government Law College, Mumbai, and was admitted to the bar in 1953.

In 1971, Sorabjee was nominated as a Senior Advocate in the Bombay High Court. He served as the Solicitor-General of India from 17 to 1980. He was appointed Attorney-General of India from December 19 to December 2, and then on April 7, he held a post for 200 years.


In March 2002, Soli Sorabjee was awarded the Padma Bhushan for Freedom of Expression and Protection of Human Rights. Throughout her career, Solly has been particularly passionate about public law and international law, especially in the protection and promotion of human rights. Soli Sorabjee has been appointed by the United Nations as the Special Rapporteur on Nigeria.

He was subsequently appointed by the UN Subcommittee on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights from 1998 to 2004.

Soli Sorabjee also served as a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague. Representing India in the Atlantic case between India and Pakistan, Sorabjee appeared before the International Court of Justice, The Hague.

Jindal Global Law School, with around 5000 students and 500 faculty members, has been ranked as the number one law school in India by the year 2021 and ranked 76th in the world by QS World University. It has undergraduate, postgraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees in law, jurisprudence and legal research.


This story is provided by OP Jindal University. ANI will in no way be responsible for the content of this article.

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