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LUCKNOW: About 55 per cent of students in classes 4 to 12 reported health problems, mainly due to long-term online learning during the epidemic.

Health problems mainly include stress, severe vision problems and insomnia.



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The study, conducted by students in the Spring Dale College (SDC) chain of Lucknow-based schools – ‘The Impact of Online Teaching during the Pandemic of Learning and Well Welding’ – is the result of this study. The report is based on a survey of 3,300 students, 1,000 parents and 154 teachers from different schools.


Respondents were asked about the problems and benefits of online classes.

In the study, 54-57 percent of students said they experienced physical stress, vision, back pain, and headaches, excluding chronic problems, fatigue, irritability, and obesity.

About 50 percent complained of stress and 22.7 percent of insomnia, while about 655 percent of students had technical problems, network problems, difficulty concentrating while studying via mobile phone.


About 45-47 percent of students had problems communicating with teachers and classmates and said that not all people can be seen on screen together.

Students also complained of a loss of confidence and lack of motivation. The positive result of online learning is that both students and teachers have become technology savvy.

More than 60 percent of students said they used extra gardens, arts and crafts in their spare time, while 655 percent said they spent free time at home which strengthened family ties.


However, both students and teachers were eager to return to the classroom and felt that physical interaction had helped improve the quality of education.


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