Olympics Opening Ceremony will “proceed as planned” 

A press release from the Tokyo 2020 International Communications Team said that the opening ceremony of Tokyo 2020 was “currently proceeding according to plan”.

The statement said the opening ceremony was investigated after former director Kentaro Kobayashi was fired in the past over anti-Semitic remarks.

According to the statement, multiple creators took part in the event and “not a single part of the opening ceremony was conducted by Kobayashi Cantero himself.”

The Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony is scheduled for Friday local time at 8pm (7am ET)

Some more backgrounds: Organizers said Kentaro Kobayashi, Tokyo 2020’s inaugural director, was fired on Thursday for “mocking the painful truth of history.”

According to local media reports, Kobayashi made anti-Semitic remarks about the Holocaust in a 1998 comedy.

Kobayashi issued a statement following the dismissal, saying he had apologized to “everyone who felt unpleasant” in his earlier remarks.

“As it was mentioned, there were some inappropriate revelations written from my past skits,” he said.

“Actually, as mentioned, the video software that was released in 1999 to introduce young comedians has a very inappropriate expression in a script I wrote.”

“I understand that my foolish choice was wrong at the time, and I’m sorry for that,” Kobayashi said, adding that he was grateful to be able to attend the event.

Keigo Wamda, the music composer of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympics on Monday, decided to resign from his post after criticizing past interviews where he described the torture of his classmates.


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