New German Govt expected to continue strong ties with India: German envoy | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: India is becoming an important country for Germany in the Indo-Pacific region and the next coalition government in Berlin is expected to maintain strong ties with New Delhi, German Ambassador Walter J. Lindner said on Monday.
He said India and Germany have made significant progress over the past decade, including in the areas of trade and investment, and that the upward trend in relations is likely to continue.
“No global problem can be solved without India, it is climate change, global warming, trade problems, the Covid-1 vaccine and terrorism … India is important to us,” he told reporters.
He said the new coalition government in Berlin would take control after the parliamentary elections.
The Social Democrats (SPD) were ahead of Angela Merkel’s ruling Conservative group in the federal election, the report said.
The federal election marks the end of Merkel’s 16-year term as German chancellor, which sees a significant expansion in Indo-German relations. Merkel has already announced that she will not seek a new term in the country’s leadership.
“The Indo-Pacific region is becoming more important and India has emerged as a major player in the region,” the German ambassador said.
On Afghanistan, he said the country needs to address the need for humanitarian assistance.
Regarding the Taliban’s occupation of Kabul, he said the world community had failed to accurately predict that the party had occupied the country. PTI MPB
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