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New Delhi: The goal of National Education Policy 2020 is to promote India as a global study destination and make India a world guru, Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Sringla said on Friday.

Schringler made the remarks while addressing a diplomatic conclave organized by Chandigarh University. Foreign Minister S Jayashankar and Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan spoke on the occasion.



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“Our National Education Policy, launched in 2020, aims to elevate India as a global study destination. It aims to contribute to the national effort to implement the Prime Minister’s vision of making India a ‘world leader’,” Sringla said. “As a producer and incubator of knowledge and systems, India has always been open to sharing its education with other countries,” he added.


Sringla said in his speech that more than 50,000 students from 164 countries are currently studying in India.

“We hope that this number will increase further in the coming years. NEP aims to promote India as a global destination for students by providing affordable premium education,” the Foreign Secretary said.

Commenting on India’s efforts in global education, Sringla further said that “the Ministry of External Affairs is constantly striving to build a strong bridge between India and global education systems and institutions”.


Minister for Education and Skills Development and Entrepreneurship Minister Dharmendra Pradhan also addressed the meeting.

Speaking at the gathering, he spoke about India’s underlying strengths as a major world knowledge hub and the role of education in shaping India’s place in the post-Covid new world order, a statement from the Ministry of Education said.

The Minister outlined a vision for India’s education system and said that the National Education Policy 2020, focusing on quality educational institutions, multicultural social inclusion and innovation, entrepreneurship and internationalization would take India’s education system to new heights, “the statement said.


During the event, S Jayashankar also emphasized the role of education in the knowledge economy and said that the pursuit of education has also been a strong incentive for Indians to go abroad and has laid the foundation for strong ties between the country and the world.

EAM Jayashankar said in a video, “The pursuit of education has also been a powerful incentive for Indians to move to other countries. More than one million Indian students study abroad and in doing so they have laid the foundation for strong ties in many geographical areas.” Conference while speaking at the “Diplomatic Conclave” on the subject.

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