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India has cultivated some of the best doctors. Needless to say, India follows one of the most challenging medical procedures in the world!

As the NEET-UG countdown draws to a close, students ’expectations of being in the elite group increase again.


For the NEET exam, academics mapped out the preparation strategy explicitly, but most importantly, last month, there was still a conflict between do’s and don’ts.

As the final seat date approaches, “Can I take the NEET exam with 30 days of final preparation?” Clouds become frequently asked questions. In fact, a student’s brain works most efficiently under stress তাই so, ​​yes! With the help of intelligent planning and efficient reference books, it is possible to create NEET in just 30 days! Here we are sharing a planner that will help you strategically prepare for NEET.

Stay updated about the latest trends


There has been a slight change in the pattern of testing at NEET this year. The exam will have 200 questions (Section A compulsory 35 questions and Section B with 15 questions in each subject – Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology), but students will have to try only 180 questions. Here, in section B, students have to try only 10 questions in each of Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. Don’t try to ask extra questions because it will be punished. Therefore, during the reconsideration you must practice the new test pattern question paper, fill out the new pattern OMR sheet. Here, MTG’s newly published book 10 sample papers for NEET UG 21 The latest pattern Must be done.


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NEET Sample Question Paper Buy Recent Pattern –


Review the issues


To start a new topic, don’t leave challenging topics in the end. In fact, before starting a new topic, take at least 20 minutes to memorize difficult topic ideas. Doing so will increase your ability to deal with difficult questions. Can take help from Chapter-based, subject-based, thirty-three year NEET solution Resolve complex issues as much as possible. This book covers 33 years of NEET / AIPMT questions with detailed solutions. The incomparable feature of MTG 33 year old NEET papers is that it comes with free online version. You can practice all chapter questions online. You can create numerous custom tests for further practice.

Buy previous year’s paper based on topic as per MTG 33 year NEET chapter –


Treat each issue equally

Make a strategic plan. Give each subject at least eight days to learn as well as reconsider. It takes 24 days a month to learn and rethink. Now, for the rest of the day, solve the mock exam question paper and realize your weak points and work on them. To make sure that no important points are undisclosed, you can take the help of MTG Purpose NCERT at your fingertips. The book contains topic based MCQ from each line of NCERT which experts give you the advantage of not omitting a single point from the NCERT book.


Buy NCERT Fingertips Physics, Chemistry, Biology –



Follow- Review and learn the rules.

Do not skip revision! Before moving on to new topics, be sure to revise previous ones. This way, you will be able to keep all the ideas clear. For each detailed review of the NCERT, Purpose NCERT at your fingertips The best recommended book. This book contains the necessary MCQs drawn from each line of the NCERT, which makes it suitable for thorough revision.

Intelligent priority


Biology is the easiest part for most NEET candidates, chemistry is good, but physics becomes the hardest! This biased bias can affect your preparation motivation. First, start preparing for chemistry, then prepare for physics and finish the biology course. Chemistry preparation in the beginning will help you get off to a good start, and physics in the middle will boost your confidence as biological revision is still awaited, in the end biology will help keep your spirits high because it seems easy. NEET 30 day crash course planner You can be sure that you have covered the entire syllabus and made the appropriate corrections within 30 days.

Buy MTG’s NEET Crash Course in Physics, Chemistry, Biology –


Challenge your knowledge and review your weak points.

The eyes like the agglutination of the invigilator, the time of suspense, and the silence during the test describe what the test environment is like! Prepare yourself not to panic in the test environment on the final sitting day – practice as many questions as you can NEET Champion From series and full-length test papers 10 sample papers for NEET UG 21 – latest pattern Be sure to sit confidently for the last three hours of the test thoroughly in an environment like an examination hall.


Buy NEET Practice Set Paper with NEET Champion –

Maintain your health

You may face the pressure of nervous damage next month due to exam preparation. However, you need to make sure that this stress does not affect your health! Stay hydrated, eat nutritious food at short intervals and meditate!


Stay away from negativity and direction

For a month, stay away from all confusing elements. Get inside your shell and create a positive wall around you. Listen to the deaf against all the negative talk in the world. You only have one month left to win an elite seat in NEET 2021. Be sure to help METG’s NEET Guide Make the most of it to give your best in series and tests.


Buy NEET Guide – Best Materials for Preparing NEET, Chemistry, Biology Books –

Team MTG wishes you all the best for your NEET exam.

Disclaimer: Content produced by MTG Learning Media Pvt. Ltd. (MTG Books)


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