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New Delhi: Hundreds of lives were saved on Sunday after a major collision between two Emirates planes averted during take-off at Dubai Airport.
The EK-524 was scheduled to take off from Dubai to Hyderabad at 9:45 pm and the EK-568 Emirates flight from Dubai to Bangalore was also scheduled to take off for its destination. Unfortunately, the two planes that were scheduled to take off landed on one runway.
According to Emirates’ flight schedule, both flights have a five-minute departure time.
“EK-524 from Dubai-Hyderabad was speeding for take-off from Runway 30R when the crew spotted an aircraft approaching at high speed in the same direction. The take-off was immediately ordered by ATC. The aircraft slowed down safely. This clears the runway, which crossed the runway. Another Emirates flight EK-568 from Dubai to Bangalore was about to take off from the same runway 30R, “a person aware of the incident told ANI.
Following the ATC’s intervention, the Bangalore-bound Emirates flight took off and the Hyderabad-bound Emirates flight returned to Taxi Bay and took off a few minutes later.
An investigation was launched by The Air Accident Investigation Sector, (AAIS), an aviation investigation agency in the United Arab Emirates. A serious security flaw has been reported to the airlines.
Emirates Air confirmed the incident and reported serious security breaches to ANI.
“On January 9, flight EK524 was ordered by Air Traffic Control to cancel take-off at the time of departure from Dubai and it was successfully completed. No damage was done to the aircraft,” an Emirates Air spokesman told ANI.
An internal investigation has also been launched against the crew.
“Safety is always our top priority, and as with any incident, we are conducting our own internal review. The incident is under investigation by the UAE AAIS,” an Emirates spokesman told ANI.
According to initial reports, the Hyderabad-bound EK-524 ATC was on its way to take-off without clearance.
When the incident became known, Emirates deployed its Boeing-B7 aircraft to the specified destination. These aircraft have a seating capacity of 350 to 440 seats depending on the configuration of the aircraft.

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