NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court has asked the Center to allow women candidates to appear for the NDA entrance exams in November this year, instead of postponing their admission for another year at the request of the government.
The apex court has said it cannot vacate its interim order to allow female candidates to take the NDA entrance exam this year.
The court further said that the Armed Forces is the best response team in dealing with any emergency and it is hopeful that necessary steps will be taken to facilitate the inclusion of women in the NDA.
The Supreme Court further said that it “understands the difficulty in setting up the infrastructure to include female candidates but the process cannot be postponed as it will not send a good signal”.
The Union Defense Ministry told the Supreme Court on Tuesday that a notification would be issued in May next year to allow women to sit for the NDA exams. Last month, in an interim order, the court said women would be allowed to join the NDA, which was previously scheduled for September 5 but was rescheduled for November 24.

In the affidavit filed in the apex court, the ministry argued that it would take reasonable time to formulate policies for accepting female candidates such as determining medical standards considering their age and type of training, fixing feeding strength, formulating training criteria for women and building physical infrastructure. Women’s residential quarters with separation, with separate bathroom cubicles.
The Pentagon added in its affidavit that “reducing physical training and service matters such as shootings would adversely affect the armed forces’ combat capability.”
Earlier this month, Additional Solicitor General w Shwarya Bhatti, when the Center decided to “include girls in the standing commission”, asked the court to “consider the issue of stabilization for this test and the policy, methodology needed to keep it going”, training and infrastructure changes. .


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