MUMBAI: Dealing with insomnia, family problems, loss of parents, study and work stress were among the main reasons for drug use, some accused and others cited in their statement to the Bureau of Narcotics Control (NCB). The statements are part of a chargesheet in a cruise drugs case filed Friday.
Arbaaz Merchant, 26, from whom 6 grams of charas was seized during an NCB raid on a cruise liner in October 2021, said he used it to combat his frustration and anxiety. He is a friend of actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan. “Merchant admitted that after drinking alcohol, sometimes his head gets really heavy and the hash of smoking calms him down, which is why he hid the hash in his shoes,” the chargesheet said.
London-based student Achit Kumar, 22, who was arrested in Pawai on October 6, 2021 and whose home was seized with 2.6 grams of marijuana, has been charged with drug use, according to the chargesheet. “Kumar admits that he is eating imported cannabis buds to overcome the pressure of his studies. He further added that his studies had been severely hampered by marijuana use. Kumar further admitted that he was aware of the fact that imported cannabis buds were a drug and its sale, use and purchase was illegal, “he added.
Aryan was among those charged in the case. The NCB’s special investigation team said none of the chats recovered from Aryan’s phone had linked him to the case and there was no medication recovered from him. It referred to the “unavailability of specific evidence” that could prove his role or his conspiracy with the merchant or any other accused.
“Therefore, no charges are being filed against him in the immediate case,” the chargesheet said. Aryan’s alleged statement to the NCB, however, has been included in the chargesheet.
Arian admits that he started using marijuana while graduating in the United States in 2018. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.
Among the accused, cruise guest Moonmoon Dhamecha, 26, told the NCB that he “smoked marijuana to overcome depression …” The anti-drug agency alleged that 5 grams of marijuana was found on the floor of his cabin.
Shreyas Nair, 23, accused of being a supplier, told the NCB that he started using drugs in 2017, when he was doing his hotel management course. The indictment alleges that he “ate weeds every day and occasionally ate hash which he bought from someone … Mike who lived near his college,” the indictment claims. The merchant’s acquaintance, whose statement was also recorded and the house was searched, said he started trying hashes and weeds in 2019 when he was suffering from depression due to a “backlog” in his college and after being expelled from his internship. He said he quit the habit in 2020 and started smoking because it was difficult to find the source of the drug during the lockdown.
According to psychiatrist Harish Sethi, a sympathetic attitude needs to be taken towards those who only use drugs and are not involved in its sale. Shetty added that the availability of substances, stress, the fact that some drugs have been abused and the myth that some of these drugs are harmful and recreational have ensured that more and more people are using them. “In a stressful situation, you need a quick rise. Cannabis will not do what alcohol does,” he added.
In 2020, the Supreme Court ruled that statements made to NCB officers could not be used as a confessional statement to try a criminal or convict an accused under the NDPS Act.


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