MUMBAI: Actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan has advised his friend Arbaaz Banik not to carry drugs at a cruise party, later in a statement to the Bureau of Narcotics Control (NCB).
Merchant, 26, was charged in the chargesheet filed against 14 people on Friday. It is alleged that 6 grams of charas was recovered from the merchant after the October 2021 raid. He is currently out on bail.
Merchant (NCB) stated that he and Arian were close friends and also admitted that Arian was aware of the fact that he (the merchant) was an occasional hash consumer and therefore asked him not to carry any hash on the cruise. The NCB was very active these days, “the chargesheet said.
Aryan is one of six people whose charges have been dropped by the NCB’s Special Investigation Team. His alleged statements are also part of the chargesheet.
In another statement recorded on October 7, 2021, while he was in NCB custody, Merchant was quoted again. “She (Merchant) states that Aryan told her that her parents advised her not to engage in any illegal activity, especially drug use,” the indictment said.
The merchant also told NCB that he had traveled to the International Cruise Terminal in Aryan’s car with two others. The indictment states that the merchant also mentioned the name of a person who organized a party for “rich kids of Bollywood” and used drugs at these parties.
Statements were also quoted from friends of the merchant who were also heading towards the party. The NCB interrogated them, but they were released. Friends said in a statement that while they were at the NCB office, the merchant approached them and apologized. “… they all got into trouble because of him and he was really sorry for everyone … the indictment said. Another friend said,” Arbaaz told us that he told the NCB officers that we were not involved in recovering this drug from him. ”
Other statements include that of actor Ananya Pandey which was recorded on October 22, 2021, with some specific chats of 2019, including an alleged chat with Aryan about weed collection. While acknowledging Pandey’s chats, he told the NCB that the weed-related chats were joked. “All chats with Arian were an extension of the same joke as mentioned earlier,” he said in a statement.


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