The tweet by Navjot Singh Sidhu came just days after Arvind Kejriwal promised to provide free electricity to 300 units.



Amid the power crisis in Punjab, Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu on Sunday prepared for free and uninterrupted power supply to up to 300 units of consumers in the state.


Navjot Singh Sidhu further said that domestic and industrial consumers should be provided electricity at lower prices.

“Punjab is already providing Rs 9,000 crore subsidy but we must do more to provide electricity at Rs 3-5 per unit instead of Rs 10-10 per unit for domestic and industrial customers, with 24 hours supply including no power-cut and free. There must be no electricity (up to 300 units) it is definitely achievable, ”Navjot Singh Sidhu said in a tweet.


The tweet by Navjot Singh Sidhu came days after Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal promised 300 units of free electricity and 24-hour power to each family when his family’s ‘A’ came to power every year.

The cricketer-turned-politician reiterated that the “faulty” power purchase agreements signed during the previous Awami League-BJP era should be repealed by a law.


“Let’s start with the pro-people 18-point agenda of the Congress High Command and get rid of the Badal-signed power purchase agreement on the basis of flawed negotiations by setting nationally fixed rates without charge as prescribed by the new law in the Punjab Assembly!” Sidhu said.

Navjot Singh Sidhu had earlier also defended the law to repeal power purchase agreements (PPAs) signed during the last Awami League-BJP government.


The former MLA from Amritsar has clashed with the Punjab Chief Minister and attacked him on several issues in the past.

On Saturday, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh said his government would soon announce a legal strategy to fight the “unimaginable” PPA under the previous Awami League-BJP regime.

Amarinder Singh further said that these PPAs already under review have imposed a “brutally unnecessary” financial burden on the state.

Of the 139 PPAs signed by the former Awami-BJP government, 17 were enough to meet the state’s full power demand, the chief minister said.


He said the remaining 122 had been unintentionally signed for 1314 MW of expensive power, which had placed an unnecessary financial burden on the state.

Before coming to power in 2017, Congress promised to renegotiate existing PPAs to ensure low spending power.

In the scorching heat, Punjab was facing an unprecedented power shortage in urban and rural areas, which had been suffering from load shedding for a long time.

The state-owned power utility PSPCL on Saturday said that after the measures taken by the state government, all farmers are being supplied electricity for eight hours and scheduled electricity has not been cut in domestic, commercial, small and medium supply. State industrial customers.



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