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Ambala: BJP president JP Nadda on Monday lauded the country’s health sector and the internal development of covid vaccine, calling India a “changing nation” under Narendra Modi and now offering something to the world instead of being a mere explorer.
Inaugurating the Atal Cancer Care Center here at a cost of Rs 72 crore, Nadda credited the Modi government for bringing about a “big change” in the health sector. Pointing to the rally, he said, “No one was wearing a mask. Who gave this ‘shield’?
Nadda said Prime Minister Modi had “saved” 1.3 billion people from the coronavirus.
He claimed that it took many years for vaccines against diseases like chicken pox and polio to reach India under the previous government.
When the Kovid epidemic hit India in January 2020, the Modi government formed a task force and two vaccines were developed in nine months, he said.
“This is a changing country,” he said, emphasizing that India is no longer a “giver” or a “receiver” – “Ab ham len walle nahin, dene walle hen.”
Nadda claims that despite his improved health care, the United States felt helpless before the epidemic, citing the masks worn by President Joe Biden.
He said more than 190 crore coronavirus vaccine doses had been given by India in “the world’s largest immunization program”.
The BJP leader said the country had given 18.50 crore doses of vaccine in 100 countries. Of this, 1 crore 43 lakh 48 countries have been given free.
He said an All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) would be set up in Haryana and Prime Minister Narendra Modi would lay the foundation stone.
“There has been a big change in the health sector,” Nadda said, as he took over previous Congress-led governments.
Before Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s BJP-led government came to power at the Center, there was only one AIIMS in the country, Nadda said. The Vajpayee government had set up six more but no new AIIMS has come in the 10 years under the UPA leadership, he added.
Since Modi became the Prime Minister, 16 more AIIMS have been set up, he said.
On Russia’s war against Ukraine, Nadda said the BJP government at the Center had repatriated 23,000 Indian students stranded in Ukraine, about 1,700 of them from Haryana.
“Is there any country in the world that has brought people from there? Have the United States, Australia, Canada, Pakistan and Bangladesh brought out their people? This is India led by Prime Minister Mode which has expelled 23,000 students in one month. ”
“Even people from other countries carrying Teranga came out,” he said.
Nadda said the country’s politics have changed since political leaders talked about caste and religion in their speeches.
But today under Modiji our culture has changed. Now a leader came and gave the report card. Leaders of other parties have to say that they will try too, “he said.


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