Today, gaming is considered to be the most exciting, adventurous and money-making field. As students look for new age learning options, gaming is fast becoming popular among many.

Understanding the sector

According to the KPMG report, the online gaming market in India grew from 70 870 million in 2019 to 1 1 billion today. That number is expected to reach 9 3.9 billion by 2025. The number of Indian gamers is also expected to be around 700 million.

“Over the past two years, there has been an increase in epidemic-led growth for interactive entertainment, including affordable smartphones and data,” said Subi Chaturvedi, Jupiter’s Chief Corporate and Public Affairs Officer.



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The mobile gaming segment has seen the biggest growth in recent times. According to a BARC & Nielsen report, Indians downloaded mobile games 7.3 billion times in the first three quarters of 2020, accounting for about 17% of the total global downloads. Other surprising statistics are that %% of Indian mobile gamers are women, 0% of gamers are under 25 years of age and Indians now gamble 218 minutes 151 minutes before the lockdown.

Education in gaming

Manvendra Shukul, CEO and co-founder of Game Art Creation Company Target, says investing time and money is important for developing game development talent. “Game-making companies need to partner with regular institutes and create a curriculum that will help increase talent,” he said.

Chaturvedi said there are about 165 game design institutes in India, of which about 25 are in New Delhi. “Students can join the certification course even after 10th class. One advantage is that anyone can learn basic skills including software, UI / UX, animation etc. and become a professional in this field. The course fee is not too high, ”Chaturvedi added.


Gamification is already a part of the education system in many ways. However, game-based learning is a relatively new approach that relies on ‘learning by learning’. “The advantages include good self-confidence, improved conceptual knowledge, improved memory and analytical skills,” Chaturvedi said.

Game-based learning is especially beneficial by 90% in improving children’s memory. Children showed a 20% increase in confidence and an 11% improvement in their conceptual knowledge.

As online learning progresses, keeping children stuck on the screen for long periods of time is a challenge. This is where gamification can be helpful, Chaturvedi added.


Shukul said, “India knows how to provide services, not products. Statistics say that the gaming industry is changing this pattern. Today, the world wants to partner with India as a source of game makers. ”

Chaturvedi revealed, “Some of the ways to build a career are to work in a gaming company or become a professional gamer. There are about gaming00 gaming companies in India, which have roles in programming, public policy, design, communication and marketing. The revenue streams for this include subscriptions, donations, affiliations and merchandising.

Young gamers are also looking to become professional gamers, though it is still a fancy idea in India, Chaturvedi added.

Expected remuneration

The pay structure for gaming professionals is similar to other media and entertainment verticals. Starting from Rs 50,000, it can go up to Rs 1 lakh / month for senior leadership role and exceptional talent.

Tackle challenges

It’s a myth that being a part of the gaming industry pays off quickly, reveals Shukul. “Gaming is a well-paying industry, but only for those who are willing to work long hours and hard,” Shukul said.

He warns gaming students to start on their own as soon as they acquire the necessary skills. “It is always good to learn the basics of this sector by joining an established firm. A few years of experience will go a long way in stabilizing your skill sets and preparing you to hit yourself, ”added Shukul.

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