Monica Lewinsky offers HBO Max intern advice after email snafu: ‘It gets better’

Monica Lewinsky said some kind words to HBO Max Intern after spending a rough day at work.

On Friday, a strange email was mistakenly sent to HBO Max subscribers with the subject “Integration Test Email # 1”. The main body of the email will read only: “This template is used only by the integration test.”

The streamer apologized for the email on Twitter and was quick to confirm, “Yes, it was intern.”


“Not really,” The statement continued. “And we’re helping them through them.”

Monica Lewinsky binds social media to ‘perfect’ response to ‘high-risk, low-return’ question

Monica Lewinsky, once known as a White House intern during Bill Clinton’s tenure at the Oval Office, took to Twitter to make the intern better.

“Dear Intern: It’s better,” he wrote with a red heart emoji.


As Brett now donates the iconic image of himself as he stands by Clinton, He added: “P. Don’t wear a beret for a while, who?”

Lewinsky, 47, is not the only person to have fun with Snafur.

Bill Clinton says he isN.A.Fire to ‘Manage My Concerns’ with Monica Lewinsky: Report

“If this is the HBO Max Email IQ, it’s a stunt for a new program called Integration Test Email then join the marketing team.” Wrote a customer. “Though with all seriousness there has been a hug to the soul who has had a hard night because of this ordeal – I promise you’ll be back. We all made a mistake, it will one day make the story pretty.”


Director James Song joked that he hoped the upcoming show would be a new marketing strategy for his upcoming show “Peacemaker”.

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“Expecting Integration Test Email # 1 I’ve just received from @hbomax # The first step in a very clever viral marketing for Peacemaker,” He said.

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“HBO Max Integration Test Email # 1 has never been more sympathetic to a stranger than an intern” Another HBO Max customer Wrote. “We’ve all made bad friends.”

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