Mira Kapoor loves Thai food and her latest Instagram story is proof of that. Mira, the wife of social media influencer and actor Shahid Kapoor, started her weekly holiday with a taste of great Thai food. We’ll see a spread with curry, rice, veggies but Pad C Eo (or Pad Thai Noodles) was the preferred food from cooking. In the caption he declared, “Yummist Thai food”. The Mira Insta story further wrote, “Thai is one of my favorite foods and I am always on the lookout for authentic Thai food. Thanks for ending my hunt for the genuine pad ewe Thanks check post here:

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Pad Siu is a traditional Thai style rice-fried thick rice noodles. It defines spicy, slender and instinctive. Already slurping? If so, you’re in for a treat.


Here are some recipes that will help you experiment with different Thai recipes at home. Check out some of the interesting and fun recipes for composing this weekend’s great show.

Here are 4 delicious Thai recipes for you:

1. Pad Thai Noodles:

This dish is a popular street food to enjoy in Thailand. It is made with flat noodles, tofu and various flavored sauces. Also quick to prepare tangy and spicy items. Click here for the recipe.

2. Raw papaya salad:

Also known as Som Tum Salad, it has papaya flavor. Stirring the carrots, green peppers and soy sauce together gives this dish a chilly view. The recipe can be flavored by adding peanuts and molasses. Click here for the recipe.

3. Yellow curry with vegetables:

Thai curries have a worldwide appeal. Try this spicy and rich curry filled with veggies, milk and coconut. Can serve hot with rice. See the recipe here.

4. Thai Crunchy Roll:

You can snack on this crispy breakfast that has authentic Thai flavor. It is made with Thai ginger, lemongrass, Thai pepper paste, mushrooms and baby corn. Dar soy sauce and veggie wester sauce give it a jing. The golden-brown rolls can be gabbled with the sauce of your choice. Here is the recipe for you.

You already have this amazing list of Thai recipes at your fingertips. So what are you waiting for? Set up and make yourself a delicious meal today. Let us know which of these recipes you will try first.


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