Mira Kapoor Savours A Hearty Gujarati Meal And It Is Going To Make You Drool

Mira Kapoor is an avid foodie, her Instagram posts are proof of her love for delicious delicious foods. From juicy fruit to healthy salads and vegan Asian dishes, these self-recognized dishes appeal to all of them. Diva shared a picture of her fun and hearty weekly meal with us on a visual gastronomic ride. A delicious mix of some popular Gujarati dishes. And the best part about food? – It was all cooked at home, making the items more special and yummy. Meera Kapoor posted a picture of her drool-worthy feast with credit, “Gujarati Ghar ka khana. [Gujarati home-cooked food]”

Delicious dishes include popular dishes like khanbhabi, which are topped with besan (gram flour), Gujarati dal, seva khamni, spicy and chana dal (Bengal gram) made with Tangi non-fried snacks and placed on top. I could see.

Take a look at the revered banquet shared by Mira Kapoor:


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Kapoor likes his taste buds to go crazy. A while ago, he gave us a faint glimpse of the Thai feast in front of us. The meal consisted of padded Thai noodles, heart curry and some tasty dishes like delicious VG.

Mira Kapoor also enjoys cooking some nutritious and delicious food for herself and her family. Ensuring that her diet has the perfect balance of protein, carbs and vitamins, the mother of two ate several Asian meals at home. The delicious vegan grab was drill-worthy and included in flavored vegetables cooked in amino sauce, a healthy and sodium-free alternative to regular soy sauce, and marinated in a mixture of some soft and flavored tofu spices and sauces.

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