Your transition to the American University system usually begins with an adaptation aimed at helping all students adapt to their new university environment. Orientation Week is compulsory for international students, and may include sessions that are only for Asian American students. There will be formal and informal presentations hosted by students and staff, as well as opportunities to get to know your new classmates. This is the time when you will be introduced to the university and its services, as well as enroll in your class. It is essential that you read your guidebook, which is provided by the college. This can easily become very irresistible, especially for Asian Pacific American students whose mother tongue is not English and who are culturally different.

Life on US Campus:

Meeting a lot of new people from different ethnic groups can make you nervous. Remember that other students are in the same situation as you and they too may feel nervous or stressed. So just stay calm and see this as a great opportunity to connect with other students; Learn about different cultures and societies.


Determine if the school has a message board or social network group (such as Facebook) that you can join before the start of the semester. This will give you the opportunity to build several relationships before adaptation.

Part time jobs:


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Part-time jobs are considered important by Asian-American students. There are various ways to earn that extra cash and communicate with students from all over the world. In a sense, part-time jobs give you a full experience of student culture and life.


Networking is an important part of every career and finding the right connection takes them to greater heights in their careers. Those who have international living or work experience and are multilingual will have a huge advantage over other people in the job market.


Student life is an unforgettable time in your life, especially if you study abroad. First, you have to decide whether you want to live in a university-run residence or with a private landlord. Choosing a university-run accommodation may also give you a catered or self-catered option. Catered accommodation provides you with the convenience of cooked food and some assurance with the cost of food. If you are considering renting from a private landlord or your chosen university cannot offer you any of its own residential facilities, the Housing Office will be able to provide you with a list of private property and landlords in the area. No matter where you want to live, you need to make sure you know your contractual rights and responsibilities. In most cases, you will be asked to enter into a lease agreement, which you must read carefully before you can sign.

To meet the diverse needs of Asian Pacific American students, McDonald’s has launched a program called ‘APA Next’, designed to help Asian-American students achieve their educational goals. The new initiative aims to empower and promote students throughout their academic journey by providing them with tools and resources for their success. The APA Next website includes student and family-centered development resources, including:


Content Series: Notable APIA thought leaders take students through their inspirational life experiences while sharing real life problems and opportunities so that students are better prepared to face challenges, stress, social pressures and create a social circle around them to feel less lonely. Creates.

Workshops: The workshops feature seminars and discussions led by education professionals to help students and families navigate the college admissions process from their own homes.

Scholarships: 55 eligible APIA Scholar college students will be awarded next year under the 1-year and 4-year McDonald’s / APIA Scholarship programs. Also, McDonald’s long-term support for providing educational and career resources to bright future leaders. Emphasis will be placed on students participating in first generation colleges and showing high financial need. Applications will be accepted until January 26, 2022, for the opportunity to join the 2022 class of scholars.

Mentorship Program: Through this program, APIA Scholars will connect students with professionals in their field of interest, allowing them to share information, knowledge and experiences. Mentees will receive career advice, critical knowledge and skills to advance their careers. Counselors contribute to the development of their careers while strengthening their leadership and communication skills.


McDonald’s APA Next Initiative is supporting students’ education through scholarships and mentoring them through higher education and leadership. Through the program, students can get counseling and advice on each of the concerns related to their learning goals.

Disclaimer: This article was created by the MediaWire team on behalf of McDonald’s.

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