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LUCKNOW: BSP chief Mayawati on Tuesday said the Congress’ announcement of giving 40 per cent ticket to women in the 2022 Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections was a “perfect electoral drama” and it was alleged that the old party remembers women, dalits and backwardness only when out of power.
She complains that Congress lacks the will to make concerted efforts for the welfare of women.
Otherwise, she said, when it was in power it could have brought a law to reserve 33 percent for women in parliament and legislatures.
Earlier in the day, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Bhadra had announced that her party would give 40 per cent tickets to women in the upcoming Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh.
In a tweet in Hindi, Mayawati said, “When it is in power and going through good days, Congress does not remember Dalits, backwards and women. Women in Uttar Pradesh remember as they did Dalits in Punjab.”
“The announcement of giving 40 per cent tickets to women is nothing but a pure electoral drama,” she added.
She said if Congress was so concerned about women, why didn’t it make provision for 33 reservations for them in Parliament and the Legislature while they were in power?
“The nature of Congress is ‘say something else and do something else’.”
In another tweet, Mayawati said, “Women make up half of the population in Uttar Pradesh and across the country. A continuous process of concerted and sincere efforts requires not only their welfare, but also their security and dignity and a strong will. It is hard to find in the Congress and BJP.” Showed it.
Uttar Pradesh is scheduled to go to the polls in early 2022.


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