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The wait is finally over! The most unprecedented, latest, revised, 10th anniversary edition of Objective NCERT is now at your fingertips! The Fingertips series pays tribute to the millions of readers who trusted the book and praised it for reaching a level of excellence!

At your fingertips is the main goal of NCERT’s curation.


Any test is conducted to test the examinee’s perception of the concept and whether they are ready to move on to higher level studies. Exam questions like NEET / JEE and CBSE board are from the core of NCERT.

Even after being an important part of the exam, students often avoid it due to the complex language of NCERT.

The purpose of MTG was to curate NCERT at Your Fingertips so that no student would fail the exam due to poor grip of NCERT. The book is most popular for its unique ability to impart knowledge from every line of the NCERT textbook.



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Purpose at your fingertips is the unique feature of NCERT.

Purposeful NCERT helps you get acquainted with every concept in the NCERT textbook in the form of purposeful questions at your fingertips.


The following are the unique features that make the purposeful NCERT books within your reach:

  • The Fingertips Series NCERT covers important notes of the textbook very briefly, which helps to achieve a quick overview of the chapters.
  • The decorative details have been explained through very well Table of Contents, Flow Chart, And diagrams (On HD pages)
  • 11th and 12th class complete NCERT syllabus is covered in a single book. Thus, the syllabus for Competitive entrance and higher secondary class The same book can be navigated. In this way, students can begin to reap the benefits of this book from the eleventh grade.
  • Books provide such various exercise equipment MCQ Corner, Exam Archive, Claims and Reason Corner, Thought Corner (HOTS). These tools help to increase the ability to analyze and solve problems. Critical thinking also helps in improving the skills of solving various questions.
  • It was 6 Exercise Papers 11th and 12th classes are equally divided and a Model test paper for NEET / JEE Or both according to the latest test patterns.

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Why is the Fingertips series the most recommended book to cover NCERT textbooks?

The FingerTips series is updated annually. As such, it has become the best book for NCERT textbook practice and coverage. Millions of candidates have gathered their faith in question practice from the book and successfully achieved their goal!

Purpose NCERT at your fingertips Competitive exams like NEET and JEE claim a progressive similarity to the questions asked.


The Fingertips series covers all important qualities from reading NCERT textbooks to practice and self-assessment. Thus, it became the most recommended NCERT introductory book!

“A very good book for question practice. Covers almost every line of NCERT. The best part of the book is that you don’t have to go around with a lot of books. Earlier, a theory was given in very simple and understandable language according to the point which covers almost every line of NCERT “, Said one in millions of buyers of the Fingertips series.

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Purpose What’s new in NCERT’s 10th Anniversary Edition at your fingertips?

For the last ten years, Purpose NCERT at your fingertips Consistently on the list of the most recommended by expert academics and elite candidates for the NEET and JEE exams. The acceptability of this book is evident from the numerous quality reviews available on the World Wide Web by teachers, tutors and gifted students.


The purpose at your fingertips has been a celebration for curators and readers of the latest revised, 10th-anniversary edition of NCERT! On the occasion of this celebration, the book is accompanied by a complimentary gift of Rs. 600 / -. Gift supplements include:

  1. 3-month subscription to e-magazine
  2. Educational poster with each book
  3. FingerTips ++ Achievers Package.

Last word.


The Fingertips series is set Ranked # 1 in all leading marketplaces Such as AMAZON and Flipkart, Including its updated model test paper based on the latest test trends. Creating the book with updated content, refined testing equipment, and test-based methods will add an extra edge to your preparation.

The book is an unbeatable combination of the MTG NEET Guide, and the combination of thematic solutions according to the 34-year NEET chapter to score the desired rank in NEET-2022.

Based on student demands, MTG has expanded the Fingertips series for secondary classes to give students a stronger grip on NCERT textbooks. Books in the Fingertips series are also available for 6th-10th grade.


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To improve your understanding of NCERT textbooks, one must fully trust NCERT is at your fingertips. Good luck!


Disclaimer: Content produced by MTG Learning Media Pvt Ltd (MTG Books)

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