Masaba Gupta’s Oh-So-Delicious Sunday Feast Will Leave You Slurping – See Pic

Fashion designer Masaba Gupta is a hard foodie. From salads to khichidi, from desserts to soups, mushrooms have repeatedly been shared on social media with his passion for food. Giving her a peek at her Instagram profile is proof of that. So, there is nothing to be surprised when he indulges in a special Sunday meal. Masba shared a photo of her Anabil spreading on her Instagram store, making us hungry. She enjoyed a lip smacking delicious homemade seafood. Enjoyable meals included some red rice, fish curry, fried fish, crispy spiced fried potatoes and salad. Masba captioned the image, “Casa Gupta, especially on Sunday.”

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Masaba was always vocal about his diet and fitness. In a recent conversation with his followers, he expressed his love for ordinary home-cooked food. He discussed the fight against PCOS and how to rebuild his food choices as a result of the diagnosis and make healthy and nutritious decisions. Whether it’s “asparagus and celery soup” or “carrot / tendli / beans” and “tidal bread”, Masaba often posts their recipes on Instagram as well as their own delicious meals. Take a look here.


And it looks like Masabar has a special attraction for Kerala food. Earlier, he shared a picture on Instagram of a drill-worthy traditional theatrical Kerala white. Eaten on banana leaves, the dish contains some traditional traditional delicacies that will make you want to travel to Kerala to taste the food. Read about it here.

In another post in May, he shared a photo of “Junka Bhakar”, a Maharashtrian flavor, and wrote that it was “the protein rich food of my dreams”. Masava revealed a few details about the dish, which he claimed were “bursting with taste”. Click here to know more about Masabar Junka Bhakar.

She also shared an idea of ​​a lip smacking food with protein and fiber. In the Instagram story he smashed two pieces of bread into two pieces, one piece into pieces, one piece into pieces, one piece into pieces, one piece into pieces. Learn more about his protein-packed foods here.

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