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Letter from a sister to her brother Rakhi 2019


Letter from a sister to her brother Rakhi 2019 : The beautiful bond between a brother and sister is hard to describe in words, perhaps this is why we have a special festival celebrating brother-sister love on a specific day. The festival of Raksha Bandhan, also known as Rakhi is around the corner and men are busy thinking as to which gift would be perfect for their dear sisters.

Letter from a sister to her brother Rakhi 2019

This Rakhi, surprise your brother and watch him smile by dedicating this letter to him. You can either print it and decorate it or can simply draft it on a piece of paper. It is the emotions that matter, after all!

From breaking my barbie dolls when we were in school to mending my broken heart after a relationship ended, you have played various roles in my life.

You’ve been my chauffeur, tutor, bodyguard, doctor, and even cook (even though I still hate the taste of that burnt maggie you fed me when I was 7).

Letter from a sister to her brother Rakhi 2019

I might not say this very often, but I love you. I know it is not easy putting up with me, but you did. The world gave up on me, sometimes that included the rest of our family, but you stood by my side, like a pillar, and gave me the strength to get back on my feet again. Even if I become Miss Universe someday (I know I can’t but let’s just assume!), you would still call me ugly and tell me how much fat I’ve gained and how I should work out. I guess that is just your way of protecting me, and keeping me grounded.

They say ‘Brothers are playmates at the beginning and best friends for life’ and I couldn’t agree more. We have indeed come a long way from making tent houses from our mom’s dupattas to working hard each day to make ends meet.

I remember that night on the terrace when you told me that soon there would be stairs emerging out of the moon and from it a witch would descend who is fond of capturing girls with brown eyes (I have BROWN eyes!).

I remember how our seemingly ‘harmless’ pillow fights would soon turn into a war which wouldn’t stop until mom intervened.

I remember the look on your face when you saw me crying after I had a fight with my boyfriend. You were determined to go to his house and give him a ‘peaceful lecture’ until I told you that it was all sorted. I today confess that I lied, but I didn’t want you getting another black -eye because there was no way that you could beat up a guy that size!

I remember every little thing about our childhood and would do anything to have those moments back. The laughter, the tears, the fights, the fears—they echo in my soul as I write this letter to you.

A very Happy Raksha Bandhan, Bhai.