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Theragans are extremely popular among athletes, and Therabody Ambassador and golf champion Colin Marikawa’s recent British Open win has sold out a victory in recovery devices: Therabody is currently offering 10% off Theragone Pro, Prime and Elite – three popular models.

These very low-selling massage guns reduce tension and stress after a serious workout and help improve recovery. Three different models for sale means you can choose the one that suits you and your needs. Read on to break down each model below:

Theragun Pro (539, originally 599;


Theragun Pro

A top-notch treatment from Theragun, this professional-grade device uses percussive therapy to get the muscle back into the recovery groove. A screen with a power meter (it delivers up to 60 pounds of power), a customizable speed range and app integration make it a dream to use – not to mention five hours of battery life.

Theragun Elite (359, originally 39 399);

Theragun Elite


Theragun Elite

This super-steep theragun is great for great use with 40 pounds extra non-stall ball for daily use and its 5-star rating proves just how great it is at relaxing muscle strains. It is 75% quieter than the previous generation of models and it is 60% deeper than the average masseur, so you get every opportunity possible.

Theragun Prime (26 269, originally ঃ 299);

Theragun Prime


Theragun Prime

This Theragun returns the model to the essentials for a great entry-level device without compromising on the quality of the massage. It has two hours of battery life and offers a customizable speed range and application integration like other Theragun models. It reaches 60% deeper into muscle tissue than other devices on the market for great recovery and excitement-melting results.

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