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BENGALURU: On Friday, the last day of the monsoon session on the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP) in the Karnataka Assembly state, Chief Minister Basbaraj Bommai in the state acknowledged the Congress’ allegation that it called it RSS or Nagpur Education Policy.

About an hour before the adjournment, members of Congress saw a chaotic scene in the House of Commons, first demanding an extension of the session and then targeting the government to implement the NEP without discussion, calling it an RSS agenda.



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The ruling BJP, defending the NEP, has hit back at the Congress, saying the NEP is not the education policy of Italy or Rome or the education of Macaulay that the Grand Old Party wants. This led to a heated exchange between the opposition and the Treasury bench, after which Speaker Biswaswar Hegde suspended the Kageri House sign die. Raising his demand for extension of the session, Siddaramaiah said, “NEP is the future of this country, it needs to be discussed …. Our President (State Congress chief DK Shivakumar) has called it Nagpur Education Policy.”


Then, Shivakumar, who was also in the House, said that “Nagpur” education policy should be discussed.

Excited, some BJP MLAs, including City Robbie, shouted: “Yes … but this is not the education policy of Rome or Italy.”

Continuing his attack on the NEP, Siddaramaiah further said that it was an RSS agenda, so it should not be implemented for any reason. It is being implemented in the state without proper discussion with the stakeholders.


The Speaker, intervening, wanted to know what was wrong with the RSS or Nagpur agenda, if it was good for the students and the country.

In response, Siddaramaiah said, “RSS may be your background.” In response, Kageri replied, “I’m still an RSS …”

Intervening, the Chief Minister said, “Race, nationalism and RSS are nothing but one. RSS means nationalism. If national education policy is the agenda of RSS, what is good for the country, its children are important. NEP is to prepare our children for the 21st century and world class.” ”


The country does not want Macaulay’s education policy to be brought by the English, he said, adding that “it is detrimental to our country and has not given our children, especially from the countryside, enough opportunities to compete globally.”

Angry Siddaramaiah then said, “This is nothing but dictatorship, Hitler (rule), this is RSS education policy.”

In retaliation, Bombay said, “Let them (Congress) call it RSS education policy, we are not bothered by it, in fact we accept it. Yes, it is RSS education policy …. Nationalism and RSS are the same.”


He said that NEP has been discussed and discussed for three years under the leadership of eminent personalities like Dr. KK Kasturirangan and it has brought change for the betterment of the children of this country.

“The NEP is a policy prepared by Indians, for Indians and for Indian children. Their (Congress) party people are foreigners, so their Macaulay education policy, they want foreign education policy. Congress education policy is slavery, our position is for the country’s self-respect,” .

Amid chaos in the assembly, members of both parties chanted slogans against each other, and the speaker asked the heads of various committees to present the report to parliament.


He then asked Health Minister K Sudhakar to respond to the discussion on COVID-19 second wave initiated by Siddaramaiah on Thursday.

However, slogans like “Modi Sarkar Chor Hai”, “Chowkidar Chor Hai”, “RSS puppet government” and “I don’t want NEP” resounded in the House, where BJP members chanted slogans like “Italy Congress” and “Das Congress”.

As the slogan continued, Sudhakar, after trying to present his answer, said he was tabletizing it and it should be considered a read, as he blamed Congress for not wanting to hear the answer and said the party was hitting and running.


Blaming the Congress for the poor condition of the health infrastructure, which has seen significant progress since the BJP came to power, he said, “We have managed Kovid efficiently, so they (Congress) do not have the courage to listen to the answer.”

As the chaos continued, the Speaker read out a summary of the 10-day session, which began on September 13, and said that 19 bills had been passed during the session, of which more than 90 per cent had been traded.

At the end of today’s session, the Speaker adjourned the House Sign Die, thanking the members for the smooth conduct of the Assembly other than the protests and chaos.


Noting that the Congress had decided not to go to the meeting hall during the session, Siddaramaiah had earlier said that the problem now was that many MLAs were not getting answers to the issues raised by them.

“I have requested the Chief Minister and the Speaker to extend the session by one week as the assembly has met six months apart and there are many issues to be discussed. You have done all your government work, but the problems faced by the people have not been discussed yet,” he said. .

He further said that he wants to discuss issues like NEP as colleges are reopening from October 1, and the state government has decided to implement the policy here before any other state without proper consultation, he asked where are all the problems during the discussion?

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