Justice Department drops Trump-era criminal probe and lawsuit related to John Bolton’s book

The Trump-era criminal investigation has examined whether Bolton’s book was illegally published for national security information, while the lawsuit seeks to seize royalties from Bolton for publishing his book without the administration’s full approval.

The end of the activity marks another turning point in the Biden administration’s handling of politically charged lawsuits by the Biden administration and investigative measures against Trump’s political opponents. In recent weeks, the judiciary has dropped or changed its views on various issues following the Trump-era directorate, announcing that its current Deputy Attorney General, Lisa Monaco, is investigating “potentially problematic issues” in addition to the policy that the new administration may change.

The dismissal comes on the one-year anniversary of the filing of an emergency lawsuit against Bolton.

Bolton’s lawyer Charles Cooper praised President Joe Biden’s judiciary for completing all legal work against Trump’s advisers-politicians-enemies. Cooper said the lawsuits were politically motivated.

Cooper said in a statement: “We have argued from the outset that the actions of both are unjustifiable, as they were only the result of President Trump’s politically motivated order to block the publication of the ambassador’s book before the 2020 election.”

Bolton's book bombing: Trump seeks help from China's Shi to rebuild and build a concentration camp

“By not punishing Ambassador Bolton in any way or limiting his income from the book, the judiciary has acknowledged that President Trump and his White House officials have acted illegally,” Cooper added.

The book, published in June 2020, made a number of startling allegations, including Trump asking for Chinese help to win the 2020 presidential election, arguing that Venezuela was part of the United States, offering to interfere in the criminal justice system for foreign leaders. , And his own superiors ridiculed him behind his back.

Early in the Biden administration, judicial officials began discussing ways to end Bolton’s criminal investigation, with people saying they had been informed of the matter.

Career lawyers have long viewed civil and criminal cases as politically stigmatized because of the involvement of top White House officials and public statements made by the former president.

Prosecutors also realized people briefed on the matter and said they probably couldn’t use testimony that could have been their star witness, Michael Ellis, a former national security lawyer at the White House who played a role in reverse classifying parts of Bolton’s book. And the former president who tried to install it as general counsel in the National Security Agency. The Biden administration suspended the NSA recruitment and it became the subject of an internal investigation by the Pentagon before it finally resigned.
Politically Harmful Moments for Trump in Election Year – The Bolton book is an episode that garnered significant criticism for the Trump administration’s politicization of the intelligence community and the judiciary.

Trump-era attempts to stop the book

Former Attorney General William Barr signed a White House request to stop publishing Bolton’s book in a remarkable move a day before his release.

Keeping pace with his out-of-control approach outside of his political circle, he sent then-Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to discuss with the Department of Attorneys how Bolton should be prosecuted, a person familiar with handling the case told CNN.

Lawyers suggested that an attempt to stop the publication of the book was evil. However, their concerns were ignored and Bar signed the lawsuit, the person said. That part of the lawsuit, which sought to shut down the publication, failed because the book was already in the hands of booksellers.

Earlier this year, a federal judge ruled that Bolton could seek evidence about the classification process around his book in making bad faith decisions about the White House and the intelligence community in order to politically protect Trump.

The decision put the judiciary in a potentially difficult position, as it opened the door for Bolton’s legal team to interview people swearing in the vicinity of the president.

A longtime government official who specializes in classification has gone to great lengths to blame Trump White House for the classification errors around the book, saying he believes he was fired because of resentment against then-President Bolton.

Lawyer, Allen Knight wondered how it would be appropriate for a politically compromised political process to be conducted by political appointees for a seemingly political purpose, as his lawyers reviewed Bolton’s manuscript and wrote about his work, which he approved for publication before closing to lawyers. Trump has blocked the sign-off and resigned.

Typically, an author who has worked for the government is able to sue after the judiciary has tried to recover his or her author’s earnings if it has not received full approval prior to the publication of a book.

Bolton can lose millions of people in this case.

The DOJ told the court for litigation that the Trump administration is also investigating him for criminal violations.

This story has been updated with additional details.


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