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As more and more industries adopt technology-driven approaches to develop and succeed, new and sophisticated jobs and skills will continue to spread around the world.

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Technological advances in business operations have initiated reforms across various sectors, including onboarding a number of initiatives to adapt to the demands of the digital age. The introduction of technology in a number of organizations has delayed expansion plans and launch of new services due to lack of experienced, skilled and talented staff.

While technologies such as AI, machine learning, and data analytics will transform a paradigm to meet requirements over the next few decades, the epidemic has led to a number of digital disruptions to help sustain the progress of its introduction across the sector. These changes lead to the need for a number of skilled professionals across the domain. Rapid advances in technology will drive these changes in the job market.



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Businesses had to pivot and modify their operational processes in order to survive and thrive, requiring a large portion of the workforce to become highly skilled and re-skilled. According to the World Economic Forum, 65 percent of primary school children will be employed, which is not heard now. Google’s recent decision to launch their new Google Cloud Skills program, which aims to train 40 million people, evolve over time and prepare for the future to meet the employment needs of students. Therefore, upskilling and reskilling will improve employment prospects and improve the careers of students who are updated with modern education.

To ensure that students across the domain are employed profitably, we enumerate the skills that will be in demand in 2022.


Data science

Data has become the backbone of the business, and global data could exceed 149 jetabytes by 2024, up from just two jetabytes a decade ago. The industry will need trained professionals who can help extract the data from these rims. Businesses will increasingly rely on relevant and valuable insights gained from data to offer a better consumer experience in order to gain an edge over competitors. Thus, in the next decade, data scientists are ready to become highly sought after professionals. Currently, there is a shortage of skilled professionals and companies are willing to pay higher salaries to these candidates. Therefore, students aiming for a career as a data scientist must focus on computer language learning, advanced analysis, and enhance their statistical and data mining skills.

Machine learning


A subset of AI – machine learning – has become one of the most desired skills in the domain of technology. As companies adopt automation tools to estimate consumer demand, the demand for machine learning professionals will see a significant increase. The Wall Street Journal previously reported that job postings for AI professionals in the United States nearly doubled between November 2020 and March 2021. In short, data scientists and ML professionals have an overlapping role because both work with huge datasets. Although data scientists work to extract valuable insights from huge amounts of data, ML scientists make sure that the models and simulations that data scientists work with can accurately and accurately analyze large amounts of data in real time. Since these two fields intersect, this leads to results that were thought to be unimaginable. Professionals who can master any one of these fields are greatly benefited during recruitment.

Full-stack coding


Full-stack coders are in great demand among companies because they are increasingly looking for skilled computer programmers who can work front and back. Full-stack experts basically work as web developers or engineers; They create user interfaces, interact with clients during project planning and are involved in almost every developmental stage of a project. So the demand for such professionals is high. According to employment website Indid, a full-stack developer job was the second best job in 2020, and its popularity continues to grow due to the growing presence of software and applications in our digitally connected world. Those who want to build a career from this skill should pay attention to the details with good organizational skills.

As our economy and industries continue to embrace a technology-driven future, these skills will be in demand. Cybersecurity, robotics, cloud computing, blockchain, AR and VR, and allied sectors are also on the brink of a boom. The general thread underlying these trends is that technology-based skills will eventually become a necessity across the board. For example, all engineers today, whether enrolled in a mechanical or civil engineering program, are now expected to know the code. The push for programming is reflected in the new Education Policy 2020, which includes coding as a skill taught to children in school.


Employers today measure the eligibility of candidates based on their skills; This includes the baseline skills required for a job role and the extra capabilities they bring to the table. For example, an engineer who knows how to code can use his skills effectively to be highly employed and contribute to the team.

Educational institutions need to offer skills programs, including their degree offerings, to help future staff gain higher and re-skills. Times Professional Learning (TPL) offers programs like DATA JEDI that cover skills like AI, ML, Data Science and Business Intelligence and full stack web development courses for those who want to improve their skills and enhance their professional competence. TPL is committed to industry-specific and lifelong learning that can help India’s workforce better equip and prepare for the future.


Disclaimer: Content produced by Times Professional Learning (TPL)

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