J&K Completes 100% First Dose Covid Vaccination For All Above 18 Years




1.4 crore doses of covid vaccine have been given in Jammu and Kashmir so far (File)



Jammu and Kashmir said on Thursday that in its 20 districts, everyone over the age of 18 received the first dose of the Covid-1 vaccine.

The day brings a sense of success for the thousands of vaccinators who have overcome difficult terrain and overcome all adversity to reach the milestone.

Razia, a vaccinator, said he had not taken a single day off in the past five months and had given 30,000 vaccines.


“Our sub-center has given 200,000 vaccines and I have personally given about 20,000,000 vaccines in the last five months,” he said.

The government has announced 100 per cent vaccination at a health center in Srinagar at 11 am today. Officials say they set a goal to achieve the milestone before October 15.

The 100 percent first dose mark was celebrated with a reception for doctors and vaccinators who were given certificates of appreciation by top officials of the health department.


“Vaccinators have done tremendous work in remote areas, working day and night and inspiring people. It was a challenge … even two months ago, for example, we vaccinated only 1,000,000 people a day in Srinagar. In September, it rose to 16,000 a day.” Has been, ”said Vivek Bharadwaj, Additional Chief Secretary, J&K Health and Medical Education.

Kashmir was the first place in the country to launch a door-to-door vaccination campaign in difficult terrain. Despite dire weather and difficult security conditions and even internet shutdowns, vaccinators cross mountains and forests to get 100 percent vaccination marks.

In Jammu and Kashmir, 14 million doses of covid vaccine have been given so far, officials said. One of the challenges that vaccinators faced was updating online records whenever internet service was down in Kashmir.



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