Jharkhand Man, Paralysed, Claims He’s Able To Move After Vaccination




Jharkhand: According to the man’s family, after an accident, he lost his voice and became paralyzed.

Bokaro (Jharkhand):

A 55-year-old man who was paralyzed in an accident four years ago and lost his voice said he was able to move and talk after receiving the covshield vaccine on January 4.


Bokaro Civil Surgeon Dr Jitendra Kumar said he was surprised and asked to form a medical team to analyze the medical history of the case.

Dularchand Munda of Bokaro’s Salgadih village said on Friday, “I am happy to receive this vaccine. I am able to move my legs after receiving the vaccine on January 4.

According to Dularchand Mundar’s family, after an accident four years ago, he lost his voice and became paralyzed.


However, Dularchand Munda claims that a miracle happened to him after he was vaccinated with COVID-19. “My voice is back and my feet are moving,” he said. He himself started walking on his feet.

Surprised health officials.

Dr Jitendra Kumar said, “I am surprised to see this. But it needs to be confirmed by scientists. If he had recovered from a medical condition more than a few days old, it is understood that the four-year-old is suddenly recovering from a medical condition.” Incredible after the vaccine “, said.


Health officials say it is a matter of research.

“Accurate information and answers will be available in the coming days when the medical world will conduct research on Dularchand Munder’s illness and its recovery,” said Albel Kerketta, who is in charge of Petowar Health Center.

Dularchand Mundar’s family said that although he was treated after the accident, his body parts stopped working. As a result, his voice became weak.


Dr Albel Kerketa said that on January 4, Anganwari Center worker Dularchand Munda and his family were vaccinated. From January 5, Mr. Munder’s lifeless body began to move.

Village teacher Raju Munda said the incident was not a miracle. According to him, Dularchand was undergoing treatment at a cost of Rs 4 lakh which did not yield any result.

“So how can the Covid-19 vaccine work wonders?” He asked.


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