Before he left the space, Bezos and his crew “told each other that we love each other,” he told Cooper. “It was a very sensitive morning,” he said.

Beaz spoke to the crew about his early days with Amazon, founded in 1994, and made a comparison between that experience and his journey to Blue Origin. And he told crew members that he wanted them to understand the importance of travel.

“It’s like a monotonous day,” Jeff Bezos told Anderson Cooper, referring to the early days of the plane and the innovations that followed. “And it eventually leads to 7৮7”

Bezos also discussed pollution and climate change after his space trip, emphasizing his idea of ​​stopping the earth’s industrial production. “We need to get rid of really heavy industry and polluted industry from the earth,” Bezos said.

He said he wanted to create “dirty pollutants” like “chips and microchips” in space, but added that the timeline could be extended for decades. “It won’t happen in my lifetime,” said Beaz, 57. “We have a lot of problems in the world,” he said, referring specifically to poverty, hunger, climate disasters and pollution. “We need to work here and now and look to the future.”

Last year, Bezos used its huge resources to launch the Bezos Earth Fund, which focuses on the transfer of clean energy and equitable access to healthy air, water and land. Following his flight, he announced that he planned to pay এন 100 million each to CNN contributors Van Jones and Chef Jose Andres for what he saw as appropriate.

Reflecting on history and innovation, Bezos said, “We have never focused on the present or the future.” “You don’t have Explorer unless you focus on the future.”


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