Ivy League and Elite University – Show ‘College Preparation’ for Admission in Times of India

Last year was stressful for high school students and their parents. It has become impossible to predict when various competitive exams like JEE, NET, CLAT will be taken. Additionally, board exams were postponed by the CBSE, ICSE and several state boards and ultimately the decision to fix their scores based on internal assessments was further undesirable. The issue of university admission became uncertain. With existing high competition and multiple suspensions, it’s hard to say with confidence when a student will be admitted to the university of their dreams.

Over the past few months, we’ve talked to a number of students who are considering foreign universities as a credible backup for their higher education plans. Unlike a one-dimensional admission process based on an entrance exam, the admission process to Ivy Leagues and other elite universities around the world considers the overall and multiple factors.


At higher levels, colleges want ‘college ready’ students who can succeed in their studies and beyond. If admitted, will you be able to handle the academic rigor of their classes? Admissions officers also evaluate your chances as a graduate of their school. Can you be the CEO? Won the Nobel Prize? Become Prime Minister? Top universities use your grades, academic interests, outreach activities, application essays, and letters of recommendation to judge your abilities, focus, and future potential. The following points are important for showing your ‘college preparation’.

D. Educational results – No wonder. Since you are looking for admission to a higher education institution, top universities like to look at your past performance and make sure you have the intellectual capacity to manage their curriculum. This is a necessary and important issue for a strong application.

D. Favorite topic – Are you good at certain things? How are you Show your passion And are you interested in teaching in the classroom? Have you studied some subjects at a higher level? Have you taken the Advanced Placement (AP) exam in the subjects of your choice? Have you been to famous events like the Math Olympiad? Have you distinguished yourself through research papers or college credit courses?


D. Standard test – Students preparing for admission to US universities are well aware of the Standardized Achievement Test (SAT). This is a 1,600-point test in English and math. It helps universities compare thousands of applicants around the world on two topics that are crucial for higher education.


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D. Extracurricular activities – You are part of an activity that you have been following for an extended period of time. Curriculum activities are not something that should only be followed for your admission applications. These activities help you to be a cyclical person and prepare you for life. Some examples are provided below:


  • Leadership: Stay on the student council. Holding a leadership position like prefect, college captain, sports captain, etc. means that you are respected by your peers and / or teachers.
  • Sports: Gaining skills in any sport, basketball, soccer, martial arts, cricket, etc. You should have done it consistently for several years. For example, if someone is a judo black belt, it means they have invested 6+ years with what they have done. It shows a lot of effort and commitment.
  • Music, dance or art: If you have consistently participated in music competitions, learned any instruments, learned dance, it is of interest to universities. Likewise, for fine arts and crafts.
  • Contest: If you want to take part in quizzes, debates, moons and win prizes at different levels, this helps your application.

5 Civic service– Recognizing that many people have fewer opportunities and relatively small efforts can have a positive effect on others is a sign of humility and responsibility. Admission officers will be interested if you feel strongly about certain reasons and spend your time helping others.

.. Letter of recommendation – What should your teachers, mentors, and other seniors who have observed you over the years say about your work ethic, energy levels, and intellectual curiosity? Is there anything that sets you apart from your peers?


7. Admission essay – The Admission essay Help you bring all of the above categories together. Readers, this is an opportunity to explain who you are, what inspires you, how you dealt with frustrations, what your aspirations are, and the events that shaped you. This is a section where you address any obvious weaknesses in your profile with your own strengths. Everyone is unique with different life experiences and abilities. This is your soapbox where you get the chance to present your best self. When students are expectedPlay their own horns‘In admissions articles, you should still be careful that the examples are relevant and that your message is appropriate.

The overall admissions process identifies high-performance ‘college ready’ students who can achieve success on and off college. A number of students begin to pursue their courses only in the eleventh or twelfth grade for the purpose of university admission, these activities provide the life skills necessary for career and professional development. For admission to Ivy Leagues or other elite universities you should pursue extracurricular activities and hobbies from an early age to study in college and carry out relevant activities.


About the author:

Vivek Bhandari Chief executive and co-founder of Scholarly.com. He has done Engineer from IIT Delhi and MBA from IIM Kolkata. Vivek has worked extensively in financial services, real estate and mortgages in the US, Europe and India.

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