The GTA RP may be the best for the series at the moment.

Every time players look at GTA V, it’s still on the top seller chart, whether it’s on Steam or not. PlayStation Store – They almost forgot that the game is now about 8 years old. In the case of GTA V and online, there is no doubt that Rockstar came out of the game park and hit.

Yet, presumably, the credit for its relevance may go somewhere today that is partly not directly associated with the Rockstar Games. The reason for giving higher charts in retail as well as GTA VV Twitch stream is basically a single reason – GTA RP.


RP (or roleplaying) is one of the most popular ways to experience modern games and probably the perfect game as a platform for Grand Theft Auto V RP. Servers like Five M and Nopixel capitalized on the possibility of roleplay in Grand Theft Auto and thus started a revolution that eventually turned into Grand Theft Auto RP.

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The series will probably be the best since GTA RP – Grand Theft Auto came third

To put things straight first – there’s no knock on this great Grand Theft Auto Online or the gorgeous Grand Theft Auto V Story mode. However, the Grand Theft Auto RP game is the only reason for such a large presence today.

Not only limited to the United States and Europe, RP has also been a big hit within the Indian subcontinent. Servers such as SVRP (Subversion RP) and Hypertown RP (HTRP) have viewed multiple players in the region – tuning in to thousands of players per day – even creating hours of RP content for streaming.

While the rise in popularity has not come out of nowhere, RP has long been a way to experience games. To create a collection of modes for players to simultaneously transform a platform into a platform for roleplaying a game.

GTA RP has fully embraced the conversation around Grand Theft Auto today, where some people prefer it to Rockstar’s own Grand Theft Auto online. But that’s not bad news for Rockstar – if anything, it provides the studios with some quality Intel to work with.

How does GTA RP support Rockstar Games?

(Image by PCGemson)

There is no doubt that Rockstar has a special affinity with online multiplayer – especially given the enormity of success demonstrated by Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Online. The pair have made more money for Rockstar in the past than proper, full-single player games.

So it’s safe to assume that whatever plans Rockster has for the GTA Six, online is going to be a major part of those plans. What GTA RP has basically done for Rockstar is that they provide a great alternative to the standard online source that already works for them.

This doesn’t mean that Rockstar will dive into the headfist and become the first and foremost role-playing game online – but they will probably take on some features. RP’s appeal also comes from the fact that the game evolves over time to incorporate new elements and features – but the focus is always on emerging gameplay.

Emerging gameplay is something that Rockstar will want to capitalize on and it’s something they kept their eyes on for the sequel. Grand Theft Auto Online already features a healthy degree-raising gameplay behind the game’s open-ended mission design.

So, in a nutshell, GTA provides one of the most comprehensive feedback on what RP Rockstar games are currently lacking in their online mode. More importantly, it delivers what Rockstar hasn’t had in decades – an areal competitor in terms of quality and quantity.

For the last decade or so, Grand Theft Auto has had virtually no competitors, so it’s good that the gaming community has provided Rockstar with the competition they need.

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