Did Lockdown make you a chef? We are sure that sitting at home you must have tried your hand at all kinds of cooking and desserts. After all, we have omitted eating from our favorite restaurants, cafes and even street vendors. So to cover the lack of these pleasures, we have all given countless YouTube videos to create delicious restaurants like food. And if you’re trying baking, we’re sure you know the importance of adding the right size and ingredients. Baking can sometimes be tedious and if you miss a step, your dish may not be the way you want it to be. But if you are slowly getting the hang of baking, we are going to take you to the next step as soon as we come up with a great easy recipe for making icing.

While we were looking for easy baking recipes for you to try over the weekend, we came across the food vlogger ‘Cook with Parul’ which had the right solution for making icing, also with just three ingredients!

Make this simple recipe for buttercream icing


You can use it on your cakes, cupcakes, pastries or any confectionery. It will be smooth on the ground, sweet in taste and easy to make.

How to make buttercream icing | Buttercream icing recipe

All you need to make this recipe is just plain butter, icing sugar and vanilla essence. First take the unsalted butter and make sure it is soft. Then beat the softened butter and mix it with a hand mixer to create a smooth consistency. Then add the icing sugar to the batches and fold in and whisk with the butter. Until the end, you now need to add two three-drops of vanilla essence and mix again.

If the consistency looks stiff, add two teaspoons of milk and shake. Now all you have to do is decorate your cakes and pastries with this custom icing and enjoy with your family!

Watch the full video of buttercream icing here:


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