Ahmedabad: The risk-free tactics used by the opposition batsmen have helped Rashid Khan to deploy a defensive game-plan, allowing him to try to hold one end and kill the bowler at the other end.
In his fifth IPL season, Rashid is no longer an unknown entity and batsmen across the franchise have been watching his overs as they try to follow other bowlers in the Gujarat Titans line-up.
Although the economy rate of 6.73 in 15 games is impressive, Rashid is currently ninth in the overall list with 18 wickets.

“My mentality in the play-offs was not different. Strength and thinking are the same throughout the process. But the teams are playing it safely against me. So, I’m trying to keep it tough and increase the chances of picking it up. The wicket by the bowler at the other end,” The Afghan spinner said before the final.
For him, hitting a specific area is important.
“Whether it’s a league game or a knockout, my mentality is to bowl in a certain area and I don’t try to do anything different. My purpose is to create pressure,” Rashid told a pre-final press conference.
Developed as a batter
With nine sixes and a 206-plus strike rate this season, Rashid has shown that he is not engrossed in batting. The development of a second skill has obviously boosted his confidence and especially after contributing to finish a few close games this season.

(Rashid Khan – ANI Photo)
“I’ve batted a little higher than where I batted before. The other thing is confidence. It’s given by the coaching staff, the captain and all the players. They believed I could perform. That’s your strength. As a player you need it Has been given, ”he said.
He actually practices a lot on the net.
“I have more batting practice sessions, batting more than before and everyone believes in me that this guy can and does give some runs for the team, important runs.
“I always believed that if the team needed me I would be able to score 20-25 for the team in the end,” he added.
All thanks to ‘Killer Miller’
Rashid also praised his teammate David Miller, saying he made the work of the top order easier.

“Staying David, someone in mid-form, scoring, makes the top order work easier. Numbers 4, 5 and 6 are important in T20 and once you’re in form, it helps to win the game and whatever the goal.
“They scored without any fear, especially when you watch the game against CSK (Chennai Super Kings), the kind of innings that David played, he showed his class,” Rashid signed.


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