Apple has released the first public beta version for iOS 15 and iPadS15 since its unveiling in WWDC 2021. New updates bring features such as upgraded FaceTime, improved focus mode and improved use of on-device intelligence that allows Siri to offline and live. , Which is similar to Google Lens. Work will begin on the launch of the new iPhone in September, as well as the release of the final version. Before that, Apple will release a lot of beta updates for testing purposes.

How to download iOS 15, iPad 15 beta 1

To install these public betas, users must first sign in to the Apple Beta software program with their Apple ID. The FAQ section on Apple’s beta contains some detailed guides. As mentioned, these two updates (iOS 15 and iPadS15) are in public beta at the moment and may contain unknown bugs and glitches. It is recommended not to download it on your daily driver. Users must back up their data on their iPhone and iPad before starting the download process.

Once you are enrolled in the Apple Beta software program, go to Settings> General> Software Update from your selected device to download the update. It is recommended to have at least 50 percent battery and a strong Wi-Fi connection before starting the process.


The iOS 15 iPhone SE model can be downloaded to both iPhone 6S and later phones. New iPadS 15 public beta iPad Pro 12.9-inch (first to fifth generation), iPad Pro 11-inch (first to third generation), iPad Pro 10.5-inch, iPad Pro 9.7-inch, iPad (fifth to eighth generation) , IPad mini (4th and 5th generation) and iPad Air (2nd to 4th generation) devices

IOS 15 new features

IOS 15 improves images and facetime. FaceTime gets spatial audio support, portrait mode and grid view among other changes. FaceTime users also get the ability to generate links to invite others. There’s also a feature called SharePlay that lets you watch videos or listen to music on a FaceTime call. IOS 15’s iMessage lets users quickly find shared articles, photos, and more in chat and group chat.

Notifications have got a new look for people with contact photos and apps with bigger icons to make their identification easier. A new notification summary can be customized and can be scheduled at any time you choose to let unreasonable notifications deal together. You can also define periods when you want to be fully focused on the task and you want to enable one of several focus modes. Allows on-device detectives to detect live text and extract from photos. Here is an addition of photo memories that can heal captive moments in heartbreaking movies.

In addition to photos via Spotlight on iOS 15, the text of the photos is now searchable The Weather app is also getting an update with new data and layouts depending on conditions such as rain or wind quality with thousands of variations in graphics. There are more privacy-related features and new ways to gain on-device intelligence.

The new iPadS features 15

The iPadS15 comes with the ability to place widgets between application icons on all home screens. There are larger formats for Game Center, Apple TV, Photos, Files, and more. The app library comes on the iPad and is comfortable with split screen or slide-over view access. Multitasking will be easy to discover and use. The iPadOS 15’s notes allow users to tag other people with those references and see what’s changed in the shared notes with a new activity view.

The iPadS15 now has a translation app that lets people practice handwriting with an Apple Pencil and work in a split view. Hashtags can be used anywhere and help to quickly find notes. Read our detailed description of all the changes that came with iOS 15 and iPad 15.


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