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The Integrated Program in Management (IPM) is designed in such a way that it becomes a continuous hybrid of bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Speaking to the Education Times, Arindam Banerjee, Deputy Director, GMBA and MGB, SP Jain School of Global Management, Mumbai, said, Duration as a back-to-back learning process. IMP saves time, cost and energy compared to managing programs separately at UMP and PG levels. It helps to develop a broad understanding of the basics of seamless management, which puts students in a better position to choose their expertise. Participants in any IMP are good at the syllabus because they study which basically avoids repetition of subjects. Elective and specialization subjects in IMP such as Marketing, Finance, Operations, International Business, Human Resource Management, Strategy, Information Technology, Consulting, Public Relations, Communication, Economics, Economics, Economics and Economics. Significant opportunities for employment across all industries. ”


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Following the IMP, students can expect well-paying jobs in both public and private sectors, including multinational companies such as pharmaceuticals, retail, banking, manufacturing, information, insurance, hospitality, technology, education, e-commerce and infrastructure. .

Shivendra Mathur, Registrar and Assistant Professor (Management), NIIT University, said, “An integrated program is a study program consisting of a curriculum designed jointly by two or more programs. It is governed by a specific guideline. The biggest advantage is that Saves a year.Two separate courses in the form of BBA and MBA can be time consuming.Another advantage of an integrated program is that a student gets admission in the postgraduate program immediately after class XII. With this approach, the courses are connected to the specialist in an orderly manner from the first semester onwards. Students who are interested in a career in marketing, social media marketing and a very specific domain of digital marketing are more likely to take an integrated management course.

A carefully designed integrated curriculum gives the advantage of two programs in a short time and gives more rigor. The architecture of the integrated program is designed to equip students with new age skills and tools such as fintech, analytics, automation, social media marketing and blockchain.


“IPM is the first step in implementing NEP 2020, which speaks to the fact that not every campus can be a single program,” said Binita Sahay, Director, IIM Bodh Gaya.

Campuses need to be diversified into different setups. “We started teaching an integrated management course at the undergraduate level. Students will now be given an exit option after three years because NEP 2020 also recommends giving students exit options. This will allow students to do MBA from anywhere in the world. The IPM degree will be a very useful degree with a broad ambition. We chose a semester method where a student studies the same credits but in a slightly more dynamic environment. Finance, Marketing, Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship and other topics will be taught. Our goal is to create socially responsible leaders for corporate India. ”

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