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NEW DELHI: Indian students returning from Italy to stay with family members or attend the funeral of a loved one at the top of the second wave of Covid-19 are now stranded here as air travel is banned there. European countries.

Most of the students who saw the flashbacks like the ruthless first wave of Covid-19 in Italy last year returned to the country earlier this year. Some were able to return to the country for some time, but Italy closed their international borders to India, delaying a few last-minute crowds.



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Those who returned to India before April 26, when travel to and from the country was suspended, are now stranded here even though their peers who returned to Italy have returned to their normal lives at university. Zeeshan Ahmed, a cyber security student at the University of Sapienza in Rome, arrived in India after learning that his sister had fallen ill due to Kovid-19. Eventually, his entire family became infected with the virus.


“It was a fight. In fact, it was a repetition of what I saw in Italy last year that shocked me even more when I first found out about my sister. Then, everyone in the neighborhood was affected and got the news of losing loved ones and family.” Ahmed told PTI.

“The second wave may have subsided, but for me the nightmare is far from over. Italy is back to normal, but I’m stuck here during the whole of the universities. Not because my absence is affecting the work in the end, “he added

Owais R Khan of Aligarh, who is studying for an MSc in Computer Science at the same university in Rome, said he returned to India in February when the situation in the two countries improved.


“Suddenly, all hell is lost here and a week before my scheduled return Italy imposed a travel ban that has not yet been lifted. My university is conducting tests both offline and online. We are reaching out to the embassy, ​​Italy to raise the issue with their opponents. Emails were sent to the ministry but nothing worked, “Khan said.

“It feels like a vicious cycle. Last year, when we were back in Italy and families were going to book tamarind, the same thing happened in India a year later and we are in the same situation again. It’s hard to remember the loss of family members and the last memories. Fighting through these problems, “he added.

The problem for Nihal Vikram Singh, an MBBS student at Vita-Salute San Rafael University, is not limited to delayed travel plans, not being allowed accommodation and not being allowed Indian vaccines there.


“According to our residence permit, we will not be able to stay outside of Italy for more than six months. Going through the same process again and securing the permit is going to be a hassle. Also, I am a medical student. That’s not enough for my course. ”

Italy June 26 Italian Residents or Overseas Registry Italian citizens are allowed to enter the country from abroad, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, including the Overseas Registry.

Despite the fact that no official update has yet been received on the expected deadline for the travel ban to be eased, the Indian ambassador to Italy met with community representatives on July 9 where he briefed them on the relaxation efforts.


“Ambassador Dr. Nina Malhotra communicated effectively with community representatives and briefed them on the mission’s efforts to relax and resume flights for stranded Indians. Several other community issues were discussed,” the Indian Embassy in Italy tweeted.

According to the Union Ministry of Health, as of Sunday, 41,177 new coronavirus cases in India had infected 3.11 crore and the death toll had risen to more than 41.13 lakh, with 518 more deaths reported on Sunday.


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