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NEW DELHI: NSTGen, a provider of cloud technology and datacenters with existing cloud services (ECS) operations in India, on Thursday launched SpeedCloudTM High-Performance Computing as a service (HPCAS) in the global market.

NSTGEN SPEEDCLUDTM HPC-ASK has been brought in for a few customers selected for extensive testing and inputs. To get started, Anextgen has opened up its HPC services to 100,000 CPU hours ’at the academy with valuable free credits. In addition, the NestGen SpeedCloudTM HPCAS cluster will be provided free of charge to all technology education institutions on a time-based basis so that students can learn to use supercomputing models for research.



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Powered by best-in-class technology from global leaders such as HPE and Intel, SpeedCloudTM is an effort by NxtGen to facilitate, strengthen and accelerate the adoption of mainstream high-performance computing by HPCAS initiatives, research institutes and government entities. Modern application work pressures involving advanced scientific, engineering and technology domains are complex and demand the next level of performance, power and accuracy for solving problems on very large datasets at very high speeds and scales. The ability to process data on a scale and perform complex task calculations at high speeds is what HPC has all about. The most common users of HPC systems are scientific researchers, engineers, government and academic institutions, as well as businessmen performing data-centric computing projects in AI and other fields. NTST’s SpeedCloudTM, built in collaboration with HPCAS, HPE-Cray and Intel’s Knowledge Strategy, is already in use by several premier technology companies across India.


The SpeedCloudTM HPC cluster is powered by a family of HPC-Cray and 2nd Gen Intel Sion Platinum 9200 processors, featuring Intel Deep Learning Boost for unmatched 2-socket performance leadership compared to popular workloads. Designed to support both liquid-cooling and air-cooled options, the HPE Apollo 20 system takes advantage of the Hewlett-Packard enterprise experience in HPC cooling technology as the workload continues to increase strength and density. High-speed Infiniband EDR interconnects in clusters and efficiently manages large datasets for your simulations, data analytics and workloads of innovative AI / ML emerging technologies.

AS Rajagopal, CEO and MD of Engistgen, said: “The use of high-performance computing has long since come from the rarest fields of research, government and the largest corporations. SpeedCloud ™ HPCAS enables mainstream enterprises to acquire these technologies for manufacturing skills, healthcare, financial services, etc., and we encourage our customers with an interest in testing and accelerating innovation. ”

“Some of the most important innovations in the world today depend on high-performance computing (HPC). From climate research to finance, to cloud AI, Intel’s wide portfolio of HPC products provides unmatched performance for a wide range of real-world applications. SpeedCloud researchers, driven by the Intel Sion scalable platform with built-in AI acceleration, bring cloud-based high-performance computing infrastructure to businesses and academia and enable them to quickly scale computing capabilities to solve complex challenges and discover new discoveries in industries, ” VP and MD – Sales, Marketing and Communication Group, Intel India.


Som Satsangi, managing director of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise in India, said: “With increasing data size, computational models are becoming more realistic and complex, resulting in increased demand for high-performance computing (HPCs). With delivery as a service, the power of calculation can touch and touch all aspects of the business process.

HPE is strongly committed to providing end customers with a service solution that meets their needs. Whether through our own HPE Greenlake service suite or being a market-leading partner, HPE is bringing the right cloud offer to customers – with the right level of expertise – wherever the customer needs it. HPE is interested in partnering with NSTGen and Intel to make HPC available to academic researchers, databases and midsize and large organizations. ”


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