India vs New Zealand 2nd Test Day 3 Live Score Updates: Mayank Agarwal, Cheteshwar Pujara Fall As Ajaz Patel Continues To Shine | Cricket News

IND vs NZ 2nd Test Score Update: Ajaz Patel in India vs Action.Twitter


India v New Zealand 2nd Test, Day 3 Live:New Zealand spinner Ajaz Patel took his 12th wicket in the ongoing Mumbai Test as he removed Cheteshwar Pujara and Mayank Agarwal early in the third day after adding 107 for the first wicket in the second innings. India have a 370-run lead and their top-class all-round efforts have so far dominated the visiting team in the game. India bowled out New Zealand for 62 in the first innings, the lowest team collection on Indian soil. Ravichandran Ashwin was 4/6 among the bowlers for India in the first innings and Mohammad Siraj took three wickets. New Zealand’s batting may have broken down but the match will be remembered for the work of spinner Ajaz Patel, who became only the third bowler to take all 10 wickets in an innings. Ajaz achieved this feat in the first innings of Indian batting.(IND vs NZ scorecard 2nd test day 3)

Here are the live updates of India v New Zealand 2nd Test match live from Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai

  • December05202111:05 (IST)


    Another brilliant shot from Gill!

    Shubhaman Gill from Jamison, four covers !! Latham had a long run with the ball but he failed to stop.

    IND vs NZ Live Score: India lead 127/2, 390 runs

  • December05202110:51 (IST)

    Good shot from Gill for a boundary!


    Shubhaman Gill from Saudi, four, at mid-wicket. He was a good player on foot and it was a good pool shot from a young opener against a top quality bowler.

    IND vs NZ live score: India lead by 119/2, 382 runs

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    December05202110:48 (IST)

    Continue distributing Ajaz Patel!

    Pujara from Ajaz Patel, out !! Ross caught by Taylor in the slip !! The umpires had a check on the catch and it was a call off but the decision was the same. Ejaz Patel’s 12th wicket !!

    Pujara C Ross Taylor B Ejaz Patel 47 (97) (4s-6 6s-1)

    IND vs NZ Live Score: India lead 115/2, 378 runs

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    December05202110:36 (IST)

    Pujara took a successful review!

    Ajaz Patel, lbw appeal to Pujara !! And the umpire gave out and Azaz’s 12th wicket in this game. Pujara went to review.


    Revaluation: Ball tracking shows the ball has lost wickets. That means there will be worshipers.

    IND vs NZ live score: India lead 113/1, 376 runs

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    December05202110:23 (IST)

    Mayaj dismissed Ajaz!

    From Ajaz to Mayank, in the air and in the hands of Will Young. Ajaz Patel’s 11 wickets in this match, would you believe that New Zealand has taken 11 wickets in this match so far and all belong to Ajaz Patel.


    Mayank C Will Young B Ejaz Patel 62 (108) (4s-9 6s-1)

    IND vs NZ live score: India 107/1, lead by 370 runs

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    December05202110:21 (IST)

    Mayank punished Ajaj for the boundary!

    Mayank from Ajaz, four !! Excellent time from Mayank. Ajaz is not looking well in the second innings of Indian batting.


    IND vs NZ live score: India 107/0, lead by 370 runs

  • December05202109:59 (IST)


    100 partnerships come up in the openers!

    Single and 100 comes for India and 100 partnerships between Pujara and Mayank.

    IND vs NZ live score: India 100/0, lead by 363 runs

  • December05202109:51 (IST)

    Mayank is going strong!


    Mayank’s boundary after hitting six in the previous ball and fifty here.

    IND vs NZ live score: India 99/0, leading by 362 runs

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    December05202109:50 (IST)

    Fifty for Mayank!

    From Ajaj to Mouank, six !! And fifty for Mayank Agarwal. He has batted well so far and he will remember this match.


    IND vs NZ Live Score: India lead 95/0, 358 runs

  • December05202109:45 (IST)


    Review saves Mayank!

    Saudi, LBW’s appeal to Mayank and yes the umpire raised his finger. Mayank went straight for a review.

    Revaluation: The Ultra Edge shows there is a spike and that means there will be Mayank.


    IND vs NZ live score: India lead 86/0, 349 runs

  • December05202109:41 (IST)


    Worshipers in the 40’s!

    Pujara from Ajaz Patel, cracking shots and another of his boundaries in the midwicket area. Great batting form Pujara !!

    IND vs NZ live score: India lead 86/0, 349 runs

  • December05202109:38 (IST)

    Indian openers start 3 days on strong notes!


    Mayank from Saudi. Fine leg from four. The Indian openers got off to a great start. Three boundaries in the first 10 balls of the day.

    IND vs NZ Live Score: India lead 82/0, 345 runs

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    December05202109:36 (IST)

    Back-to-back boundary!

    Pujara from Ajaz, same ball and same result, another boundary at midwicket. There are two boundaries for Pujara, we rarely see it from him but there is dominance here.


    IND vs NZ Live Score: India lead 78/0, 341 runs

  • December05202109:35 (IST)


    The first boundary on the 3rd day!

    Pujara to Ajaz Patel, Midwicket Area to four. There was a big race for the fielder but Pujara will get the boundary.

    IND vs NZ live score: India lead 74/0, 337 runs

  • December05202109:33 (IST)

    First run on the third day for India!


    Mayank, from Ajaz, played light hand to long off for a single. First run on the third day for India.

    IND vs NZ live score: India 70/0, lead by 333 runs

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    December05202109:31 (IST)

    Start the action!

    The players are on the field – Mayank Agarwal and Cheteshwar Pujara ready with the bat. Ajaz Patel, the hero of the first innings for New Zealand, will bowl the first over of the day.

  • December05202109:21 (IST)

    Zaheer Khan shares his thoughts on when India should announce on the third day!


    Former India bowler Zaheer Khan said India would now have a goal and would like to announce as soon as possible by running fast in the third day’s play.

  • December05202108:29 (IST)


    Hello and welcome!

    Hello and welcome to the 3rd day of Mumbai Test between India and New Zealand. With a 332-run lead against the visitors, the home team is in complete control. So far in the second innings, Mayank Agarwal and Cheteshwar Pujara have added 69 runs for the first wicket and are still at the crease. The Virat Kohli-led side bowled out New Zealand for 62 in the first innings, the lowest collection on Indian soil. For New Zealand, Ajaz Patel took nothing but 10 wickets in an innings. Ajaz became the third bowler to achieve this rare feat on the second day.

    The day’s game will start at 9:30 am Indian time. Stay with us to get all the live updates.


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