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LONDON: India ranks 122nd in a new global youth development index measuring the status of youth across 181 countries, released by the Commonwealth Secretariat in London on Tuesday.

India and Afghanistan and Russia, along with India and Afghanistan and Russia, were among the top five risers in the index from 2010 to 2018 in the Triennial Youth Development Rankings, with their scores in education and employment averaging 15.74 percent.



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“The top five risers from 2020 to 201 were Afghanistan, India, Russia, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso,” says the 2020 Global Youth Development Index. The last came from the Republic, South Sudan, Afghanistan and Niger, respectively.


“Young people are essential to delivering a future that is more equitable, inclusive, sustainable and resilient. By measuring their contributions and needs with rigorous data, our advocacy for their development becomes stronger and we are increasingly able to make a positive impact. And all of us Young people are able to join in building a better future for us, ”said Baroness Patricia Scotland, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth.

“Our Youth Development Index is an important tool that has significantly increased our capacity to assess how much the youth are already engaged in making beneficial contributions to our society and empowered by enabling policies and tools,” he said.

The countries in the index are between 0.00 (minimum) and 1.00 (maximum) in terms of improving youth education, employment, health, equality and inclusion, peace and security, and political and civic participation. It looks at 27 indicators, including literacy and voting, to show the status of 1.8 billion people worldwide between the ages of 15 and 29.


“While the data used to compile the index were collected prior to the Covid-1 pandemic epidemic, the results indicate where progress was being made and where it was not, and urgent action is now needed to ensure that pre-epidemic benefits are not lost but sustained and More developed, more comprehensive and more inclusive, ”added Barnes Scotland.

The 2020 Global Youth Development Index shows that between 2010 and 2018, the situation of young people around the world improved by 1.1 percent. Overall, the index shows youth participation in the peace process and progress from their education, employment, inclusion and healthcare. 2010.

Health has gained the most at 4.39 percent, with a 1.6% reduction in global youth mortality and a 2% reduction in HIV, self-harm, alcohol abuse and tobacco use. Sub-Saharan Africa has taken the biggest steps in improving the health of young people.


The level of low working youth and those who are not in school, training or workplace is driven by equality and inclusion progress in education as well as improved gender equality as well as lower incidence of child marriage and pregnancy of girls under 20 years of age. Nevertheless, the index reported no progress on women’s safety.

Global education scores have increased by 1 per cent, with the biggest improvement in South Asia being 1 16 per cent. Peace and security have improved by 41.411 per cent, resulting in a small number of young people dying in direct violence. Somalia has benefited the most from young people in peace and security, followed by Colombia, Sri Lanka, Eritrea and Russia.

The index, based on multiple data sources, will be released in 2020 at the now-defunct Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). However, as CHOGM was again suspended until 2022, it was decided to publish the schedule this year.

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